I see that 8 came out today. It may look pretty, but moving to Electron more than doubled the memory usage (149.6MB to 362.9MB) and made a bunch of controls weirdly non-native. Really disappointed in Agilebits, which historically was one of the best Mac-first software firms.

It also breaks all the "legacy" far more secure extensions (which do all the sensitive bits in the local native app) in favor of the godawful new extensions that load your entire fucking vault into the browser's memory and do all the cryptography in JavaScript.

And requiring system-wide accessibility access to get ⌘\ working in the browser is really the icing on the cake.

They also appear to have removed the ability to filter which vaults show up in the default / "all vaults" search, which makes no sense if they're targeting enterprise customers. I have like 75 vaults, most of which are for rare and explicit use; I don't want results from them all in every dam auto-fill!

(you can create "collections" but they can't be used to filter auto-fill in ⌘\ or in browser extensions)


@roguelazer I don't know why this trend is still a thing...

@gudenau @roguelazer because alternatively you'd have to hire people who know TWO programming languages.

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