Time for another biased poll.

Do you know what CC and BCC stand for in eMail without having to look it up?

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the secret answer the government doesn't want you to know 

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@gudenau prediction that this will end up being generational, because i can imagine the acronym being mystifying if you were born after the reference stopped existing :)

@robey Also depends on parents telling children about these things. Carbon copies still exist for some things.

@gudenau ok now i'm curious! what was the last thing you saw that made a carbon copy :)

@robey @gudenau Everytime there is an "incident report" at my kids' daycare the form has a carbon copy.

@robey @gudenau I live in Germany, where carbon copies are still a thing and regularly used. #neuland

@attilakinali @robey @gudenau All health care workers' receipts in BE are mandatory carbon copy documents. Which means they have to use impact printers and sometimes even typewriters.
I do agree these are not the real thing, as they don't rely on an externally supplied piece of carbon paper, but contain paper coated with a non-staining thin transfer layer on the back.

@geert @robey @gudenau And how does using serial numbers prevent people from printing something twice?

@attilakinali @robey @gudenau It does not. But the documents are valid only when using the official forms with the serial numbers. Allowing printed copies would make it way too easy to create fake documents.

@gudenau @robey Yup. Triplicate forms are still common, so even the youth should know what a carbon copy is.

@gudenau @robey
In french we use CC/CCi : "Copie Conforme" (Exact copy) / "Copie Conforme Invisible" (Invisible Exact copie).
"Copie Conforme" being old administrative vocabulary.

@robey @gudenau There's actually a confounding factor there-- amongst people who aren't familiar with literal carbon copies, it's often retronymed to "courtesy copy".

The floppy disk save icon,
Solarize, Dodge and burn etc. in Photoshop
Give me a bell (phones stopped having actual bells a while back)
There are probably thousands of aging references to the largely obsolete.


@gudenau @sammorrowdrums i think my favorite of these is the handset icon for "answer voice call" and "hang up"

- red v green (bad for color blindness)
- different only in orientation
- icon of a device that hasn't existed for decades

@gudenau carbon copy and blind carbon copy

Anyone CC'd will know who the recipient and other CC's are.

Anyone BCC'd will only? know who the main? recipient is

@tn5421 Yeah that's how it works. BCC includes CC however.


Maybe i get you wrong, but isn't it the otherway round?

People on BCC see anyone in TO and CC, but no one (including everyone on BCC) sees people that are on BCC.


@cybastl @tn5421 Everyone sees to and cc, pinky the recipient of bcc sees there name on bcc.

@gudenau @cybastl yeah i just haven't used both cc and bcc in forever so forgot how they interacted exactly


Do you know what "NCC" does? I only know of it implemented in one mailer.


ncc is "no carbon copy". it's implemented by putting a name and address on the cc line, but not actually sending the cc to the person in question.

@gudenau :p got ya. i thought most people knew what that was. hope your having a good evening though?

@gudenau bummer! hopefully that improves. here i cannot figure out what to do with my evening, i made a song, i eh, it is so weird not being in a relationship since 2008, i feel like a capable rudder without an ocean to pilot a boat through, at many junctures. feeling existential. heh


I used BCC and a group alias to quit a job once.

Fun story.

@gudenau (without looking at replies) Carbon copy, blind carbon copy? 🤔

@gudenau yay, I was right! I’m in my early 30s and only use IRL carbon copies when they come attached to a form, if that helps anyone wondering about generational differences

@gudenau Carbon copy and Blind Carbon Copy. (The teachers at my elementary school were adamant about learning about this stuff)

@gudenau I voted "yes" even if I didn't know what BCC was, because I assumed it was the english equivalent of CCI (and it is) (and I know what CCI stand for)

@gudenau I actually learned this the hard way in high school lol.

@bruno @gudenau that's correct. However I don't think this is not because of not knowing, it's because of not caring or thinking. So this has a different root cause which is harder to fix.

@gudenau I said yes but the replies are saying it's carbon copy, so I guess that's a no cos I've always known it as courtesy copy and blind courtesy copy

@gudenau Only because we had a mini unit in high school on protecting your privacy on the internet. One of the things it recommend was BCC-ing recipients so you don't leak other people's emails to everyone.

@gudenau I do, but I don't want a notification one week from now. 😅

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