I keep forgetting how terrible "Places" is in . Any interaction with history or bookmarks blocks the main thread, and if, say, you want to auto-delete history after a time period, you (a) need an extension, and (b) should expect it to take *literally hours* with a moderately-sized history (e.g., my places.sqlite is 50MB and firefox has been spinning for about 10 minutes at 100% CPU trying to delete around 1000 records).

I feel like I could just do this myself with some DELETE statements in SQLite without involving this whole awful JavaScript extension API, but the schema in places.sqlite is bonkers.

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@gudenau You can delete *recent* history (in case you accidentally, uh, open up a site that shouldn't be in your history) but there's no way to say "only remember history for N days" as far as I know

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