So Adobe is making things that act like malware for sure. You click the "change default" thing and it pops up a window and paints transparent gray on everything with a message telling you what to do. Move the window and the message moves with it.

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@gudenau @bugaevc True, but this is definitely there because a bunch of people are incapable of figuring out what “open with: change…” means without a million blinking arrows.

@brunoph @bugaevc I mean, at this point I'm surprised they aren't injecting events to do it automatically.

@gudenau @brunoph it's not like they could not do this without a window, surely there must be a key in the registry that they could change or something. Be glad they're at least asking you to do it yourself :D

@bugaevc @gudenau @brunoph To my knowledge from what I've read and remember using the registry isn't recommended because it isn't officially documented and a change in newer windows caused those application association to be reset because windows thought they were corrupted. Also, it's a user setting and thus applications shouldn't mess with such settings.

What I am wondering is why they don't use the accessibility stuff to automatically press the buttons for you.

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