friendly reminder that you can go to and download a copy of all the data google has ever collected on you!

based on this report, google knows enough creepy shit about me that anyone that had a copy of this data could probably blackmail me into doing bad things to people i love.

stop using google products.

fun examples:

- purchase records from years ago from domino's, amazon and steam that i literally did not touch google when buying
- a 26MB file detailing, in excruciating detail, almost everywhere i've been between the dates of and 26 may 2017 and 13 may 2018 (when i believe turned off location tracking)
- every phone i've ever owned and their IDs
- every app i've ever installed, every YouTube video i've ever watched, every conversation I've ever had over a Google service (yes even DMs)...

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@bclindner You can (theoretically) turn the YouTube thing off.

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