My wife has to regularly author DVDs for her work (not allowed to bring any media other than DVDs or VHSes into prison); the tool we use ( is 32-bit and unmaintained for the last 8 years, and thus going to stop working in 10.15. Anyone got recommendations for alternate macOS DVD authoring software?

@roguelazer I'm sure you could install something with homebrew (or whatever that's called). I tend to use mkisofs or similar, but I'm sure that's not good for this use case.

Can you use BD? 🤔

@gudenau Well, the goal is some nice GUI software for authoring DVDs, suitable for attorneys to use; I could use ffmpeg and hand-write the VOB file but that doesn't quite seem generalizable.

@gudenau I'm not sure -- the target device is some consumer DVD player bought in the early 2000's

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