@AskChip But it's saying that the download was larger than expected, not that it is running out of space.

1GiB boot and 19GiB everything else.

@gudenau I don't always believe the exact wording of the error messages,
Just like I don't believe MS can debug one of those blue screen dump files accurately, every time I've seen it; it means bad ram but Microsoft never calls out ram failures.

@AskChip They called out a RAM failure for me a couple days ago.

@gudenau I have yet to see such a message from MS and/or windows. And I've changed out a lot of ram.

@AskChip MEMORY_MANAGMENT was the error code, pulled the memory back 200MHz and it didn't happen again.

@AskChip It was only 1800 and both kits are rated to that.

And it turns out I mounted things wrong, was just able to check on that.

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