I love it when one app eats up 8GB of RAM.

@gudenau I love running 10 separate copies of Google Chrome and pretending I have a real computer with real programs

@ben This program is not chrome like at all. Just stores a boat load of stuff in memory.

What you ask?

I have no idea.

@gudenau maybe someone misunderstood "memory that is not in use is used by the operating system for caches"

@ben Don't know. All I know is it only gets worse when I run anything in the program. It's a data mining thing.

@ben I don't think so, if you run the same model a bunch of times the memory usage barely budges.

Just caches everything I guess?

@gudenau @ben If its internals are like those of Microsoft SQL Server, it's going to claim all available memory, just in case.

@gudenau Well it's better than: "One matrix takes 50GB" ;)

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