Anyone know a mic arm that I could use to hold a mic over a monitor?

Something like this.

@gudenau In the world of radio station studios there are fully articulating arms for microphones. Quite expensive but effective.

@AskChip "Expensive" isn't going to work for me at this time. :-/

@gudenau @AskChip Have any woodworking skills?

Yes? Then make one!

No? Well, maybe it isn’t a bad time to learn. Wood is cheap(ish) and relatively easy to work with. An adjustable stand could be done with simple hand tools, if your wrists and hands work well and are relatively pain-free.

@SuperFloppies @AskChip That's an interesting idea. I know some people that could teach me.

@gudenau @AskChip There’s good written material on woodworking in the Project Gutenberg library, as well.

@AskChip I've got one of the yeti mics, monitor is like 15" tall.

@gudenau "articulating arm microphone stand" in search will get you nearly any stand available.

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