Despite Saturday’s switch to using jemalloc, m.t’s memory still appears to be growing unbounded 😞 Could be the bound is higher than we have ram, I will resize the VM eventually (upgrades have been a whole thing, and I need to move on Friday).

The Rails app is using 3.5GB of ram. Just doesn’t seem normal, you know? Maybe there’s something wrong with my setup.

@gudenau I’ve thought about it! There’s a gem for Puma that restarts itself every so often, also cron 😈

@gudenau @ashfurrow I once worked for a company that did this (with a scheduled task). Every morning at 4 am. I wouldn't be surprised to find this is pretty common.

@ashfurrow @gudenau @Tarheel I've had to do it. It's digusting, but necessary, like cleaning up cat puke od dog poop. Better to find and fix the leak, but that can be done in a test environment not production.
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