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If you want me to accept your follow request:
Have recent toots that don't look like spam
Have a profile picture
Have a bio

They don't need to be great, just something that looks *human*.

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Somehow when I was making a Spam emoji for Discord it became my desktop wallpaper.

This must be some form of punishment.

Can we get disk drives with multiple lasers for higher read speed again?

Those where cool.

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2391. Life Before the Pandemic 

title text: I can't wait until this is all over and I can go back to riding my horse through the mall.


Would an mCable Classic be a good investment for n64/GCN/Wii/etc. games?

Displays without a way to mount them on a VESA stand should be illegal.

I just installed a new CPU in my computer.

It didn't POST and I had to leave it for a while.

Turns 9ut the RAM needed a reseat. *phew*

I want to know how to make media with cursed lengths in Discord. (Like -2343098 and junk)

CPU Shower Thoughts 

What if there was a bank of say 32 registers per core that could be freely mapped to 32 slots on any physical thread by the supervisor/kernel/whatever.

These special registers would of course be slower than regular registers, but should be faster than memory (even if in a L1 cache).

All operations on these registers would only be atomic, so something like `inc r0, s0` would increment the banked register at s0 and store the result in unbanked r0.

This could be fun SMP stuff.

Anyone happen to know how to get iDRAC 6 working on a modern Linux install?

Anyone know how I could get an Xbox 360 fixed? I kinda screwed up the board a bit.

Remember when Android apps had nice intuitive gestures?

Those where the days.

What differences are there in rechargeable and non-rechargeable lithium batteries?

Imagine getting like 64 spectrometers and making the world's most expensive crappy camera.

What's a CPU I could drop in place of my i5-3570K?

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The Internet Archive have added a WebAssembly-based Flash emulator to their emulation suite, and are preserving 2000s-vintage Flash games, playable in a modern HTML5-capable browser:

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