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Somehow when I was making a Spam emoji for Discord it became my desktop wallpaper.

This must be some form of punishment.

@Tusky Figured you should know this, sometimes when I refresh the timeline all the new toots (minus the newest one) disappear until I restart the app.

Am I crazy or is the XC9572 CPLD 5v capable? Looks like a schematic that uses it is providing 3.3v with a regulator, instead of just using the 5v line that was already there.

Remote SSH is just getting more and more buggy as time goes by. This is kinda ridiculous.

Okay this is really weird.

I have a SSH tunnel to my desktop with two GUIs open. The first is IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate and the second is Visual Studio Code. All of the keyboard input is going to VSCode.


Ah yes, Windows.

Where you update one app and it updates another and that update updates a third.

Went does it seem like Windows doesn't understand NUMA at all?

Anyone know how navballs work? Would be cool to build one for KSP.

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Okay, I am very confused right now.

I used a Beagle 480 to check the "over the wire" data on a USB serial device. The data sent with my program is the same as the original, the only difrence is the host->device data using multiple USB packets. But the data my program reads is not the same as what the original reads, despite the same data being sent over the wire.

What in the world is going on here?

Do the Linux kernel's crypto APIs use hardware acceleration when available?

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Does the world need a “Lightweight Software Foundation”, or something similar?

Boosts welcome.

The worst part about starting a project is coming up with a name for it.

I might have just thought of a way to detect Magisk... Time to investigate!

I also wish that more of these KiCAD projects floating around provided the libs that they used.

Trying to find a part in KiCAD and it is nowhere to be found!

Can I have a flagship phone with:
A decent LCD
Removable battery
3.5mm headphone jack

Thinking it might be okay to just use timers or something for now.

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