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If you want me to accept your follow request:
Have recent toots that don't look like spam
Have a profile picture
Have a bio

They don't need to be great, just something that looks *human*.

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Somehow when I was making a Spam emoji for Discord it became my desktop wallpaper.

This must be some form of punishment.

So apparently if you want to use NVidia graphics cards over RDP without ugly hacks you need to get Quadro cards.

That is so stupid.

*creates a child friendly DNS server that resolves nothing because almost every website contains content that is not safe for children*

God I am stupid.

Apparently I just can't build the Android kernel.

CC scripts/mod/devicetable-offsets.s
/usr/bin/as: unrecognized option '-EL'
clang-9: error: assembler command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)

That feeling when you copied a long command with absolute paths and removed the irrelevant parts and then copied it back later and forgot to change them back.

I feel this is a game that would look great on a 4K display.

Can we just stop allowing DRM to be such a giant piece of garbage please?

Okay, can someone tell me why I can't type /var/log in OpenOffice Writer without it making it italic?

I made a wrapper for a CLI program that included running multiple instances of it and processing the text output into multiple progress bars with a queue in 70 minutes.

It just worked, what did I miss? .-.

I really wish my capture card worked in Linux.

Really starting to think I need to reinstall Windows on my desktop.

That's always so much fun.

Anyone happen to know how to build the kernel for the Pixel 4 XL?

Would be cool if SLI worked right on Linux.

Programming with the Matrix in the background. How fun.

@shadowfacts Here is a good mod idea:

Neural network villagers. :^)

Might be interesting to have a neutral network running on your machine that watches your typing and attempts to predict it.

All you'll see is a drawer icon that reports how often it's correct.

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