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If you want me to accept your follow request:
Have recent toots that don't look like spam
Have a profile picture
Have a bio

They don't need to be great, just something that looks *human*.

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Somehow when I was making a Spam emoji for Discord it became my desktop wallpaper.

This must be some form of punishment.

Is it possible to 3D print membrane key switches?

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I'm a fool.

Text Rendering Question 

The first one was easy.
scale = width * (1 / actualWidth)

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Text Rendering Question 

I need a way to render text that does best effort to stay within bounding boxes. (I can enforce it with clipping for zalgo)

There are two "modes" I require, one for single line text and the other for multi-line.

The single line text needs to be "squished" horizontally to fit, only scaling on the X axis.

The multiline needs to scale on both axis to fit and doesn't contain many line breaks.

I can cache results, but I would still like to have some fast algorithms for this.

So Discord is down and an issue I was supposed to look into was reported there.

I suppose I am free from that for
*looks at status page*
*sees the problem has been over an hour*
a week maybe?

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Not bad.

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This was a regex day.

Does anyone know why my USB ethernet adapter isn't being used when I turn my system on or wake it up? It either uses wireless or doesn't connect unless I manually switch.

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Got to love the Discord servers being slow reveling a big issue in their client. It assumes the message history will be retrieved from the server before the animation finishes, making it look like all the messages from one channel got transposed.

That feeling when you're the only one that documents anything in a project with a dozen people working on it.

Also how long until someone makes a plugin that automatically blocks hexagon profiles?

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The best thing about the NFT profile picture thing is you know Twitter is downloading and saving them all over the place otherwise these random services would buckle and die under the load and the service would be much slower.

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Twitter launches its "Scam Assistance" feature. Scammers now know that anyone with a soft-hexagon profile will believe anything you tell them.

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It's hard for me to find information on PCB Ethernet runs, I.E. a compile of Ethernet chips connected to a switch instead of a pair of Ethernet jacks and magnetics.

Is it possible to take a TCP connection and tell the kernel to "move" it to a host and port only visible on the machine? Would like to avoid having a program copy all the data around.

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