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Somehow when I was making a Spam emoji for Discord it became my desktop wallpaper.

This must be some form of punishment.

Could someone tell me how to figure out which one of the like 50 audio devices my Linux box shows are my headphones?

How do you pixelate/fill a part of the video in the new Windows movie maker thing?

Nice, I used my soldering iron to dump enough heat into a joint that the insulation melted together before the solder.

Don't do this with your websites. It is not cool. I was scrolling almost constantly, the website makes it more "chunky" than it actually is.

Huh, I was browsing websites and I moved my cursor out of the window and I got a discount.

That is something to keep in mind for the future!

YouTube no longer has theater mode.

Google screwed everything up.



They don't update old versions with new launcher metadata.

Is there a way to add a game shortcut to steam programmatically?

The worst part about testing authentication is locking yourself out of your own accounts because your code does a stupid.

Oh wait. I was passing the wrong arguments to the regex functions.

That would do it.

I am thinking I should use a pattern, find the locations in a matcher, replace the values going backwards.

I could just be stupid though.

In Java what is the best way to replace `\$\{[a-z_]+\}` with actual values? I tried a couple implementations that just fall on their face.

Why doesn't uBlock block YouTube ads on Chrome?

Is there a way I can run arbitrary Linux programs inside containers on Debian?

It would be cool if you could build OpenJDK without X.

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