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Somehow when I was making a Spam emoji for Discord it became my desktop wallpaper.

This must be some form of punishment.

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Anyone interested for to make ASOP *useable* as a daily driver? It is never stable for me.

How bad is this so far?

(No where near done)

Alright, the PCI-e riser I got was not low profile enough. At least I have something to base my own version off of.

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Can I shove internet though the Raspberry Pi Zero's serial connection?

I also just tried to flash a zip to a SD card instead of the img file.

But you know, a bootloader could be made to work with that. The zip header goes at the end of the file, stick a decompression thing in the front and that mistake becomes no big deal.

Well this is new.

Reboot into Debian and Firefox is zoomed in at 1.5x.


I must be stupid. I can't seem to use Excel's PMT function right.

I have this, basically:

I am getting 246421.93 when I should get 277919.28.

The load amount is 160000 with a term of 30 and an interest rate of 7.5%.

How am I messing up the total interest so much?

Anyone interested for to make ASOP *useable* as a daily driver? It is never stable for me.

Fortnight is on the Big Bang Theory.

Nice ad I guess. .-.

@SuperFloppies' "Minimal C++" needs to be a standard thing. It's C with basic objects and tyoe safety, none of the extra C++ junk that no one knows how to operate.

*looks up 2.5 generation old console*


Huh, lots of people must want to do stupid crap with it.

Sometimes I wonder how hard it would be to make a Linux distro that compiles everything from source and automatically updates itself.

Anyone know of a riser that I could fit under this for a network card?

Microsoft Office does weird crap.

Moving the windows around causes the CPU usage to skyrocket and windows to not respond until all the queued events to resolve.

This is one of; if not, the only set of programs I have ever seen do this.

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