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If you want me to accept your follow request:
Have recent toots that don't look like spam
Have a profile picture
Have a bio

They don't need to be great, just something that looks *human*.

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Somehow when I was making a Spam emoji for Discord it became my desktop wallpaper.

This must be some form of punishment.

Something Evil About Some Keyboards 

When you get a keyboard and realize it doesn't have a menu key you have to wonder *why* such a useful key was left out. At least on my laptop it's fn+right ctrl.

This is pretty cool, people have already broken into the Air Tag things.

What's the package for the thing that works with pavucontrol that lets your keyboard control the audio and the icon in the tray?

I wonder how hard it would be to teach a funny matrix brain how to play a Yu-Gi-Oh deck.

Can't imagine it would be super hard for OTK decks.

I wish Java allowed varags on more than just the last argument.

Math Question 

What's the best way to find the smallest number that can be used as a base integer unit when you need to support a very limited set of fractions?

For example: 1, ⅓, ⅑, ⅒, and every multiple of these up to 1.

RING1 and RING2 need better support.

You can't change my mind.

Is there a way to run a Raspberry Pi Pico as if it was a simple USB logic analyzer?

Smash Ultimate online
50000 GSP: Very bad players
60000 GSP: Really good players

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2460. Vaccinated 

title text: I built a model that combines local case rates and vaccination stats to estimate when it's reasonable to attend various types of party, but I forgot to include anything about where to find them.


Generics in programming are both the best thing ever and one of the most annoying things ever I swear.

Fun fact: If you pick two correct circuits in a split phase house you can get 240v.

@ben Any advice for making a card game program other than "don't scope creep until your features are done"? 🤔

Imagine spending the time to get a decked out drivers license, pilot license and marine equivalent.

Doesn't GitHub have a thing that searched though pushed commits looking for private keys and other such magic strings?

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Ok, let's settle this once and for all. Today's a good a day as any 😄

I do wonder when WINE will be able to support drivers to maybe coax some of the AAA malware to run.

Can people please stop purchasing game licenses that use RING0?

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