:thinkerguns: 🎉 MemeTastic v1.6 - Offline, Redesign, Meme Templates


Create Memes faster
Apply Text settings to all captions
Rotation gesture for Image Viewer
Use MemeTastic as Image Viewer
List of sites for Meme Templates and Funny Images

@fdroidorg @IzzyOnDroid
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Markor v1.8 - All new file browser, favourites and faster Markdown preview :thinkerguns: :blobaww:

Read the blog post:

What is Markor? Open Source TextEditor for Android, with support for Markdown & todo.txt.

Want to give feedback that is visible in the G-Droid F-Droid client? Read the new Feedback section in the blog post!

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:thinkerguns: 🎉 Markor v1.7 update released - Custom Fonts, LinkBox with Markdown

Read the blog post here:

Topics: Custom and bundled Fonts, LinkBox with Markdown, WikiLink syntax, App Shortcuts

What is Markor? Open Source TextEditor for Android, with support for Markdown & todo.txt.

Donate to the project:


@fdroidorg @IzzyOnDroid

Hi everybody, I'm moving over to @gsantner ( @ gsantner @ mastodon.social ).

I have exported all people I'm following and imported the same over on my new account.

You can remove this (.technology) account. I will delete this one in some days ;).

@ashfurrow Embedding toots from mastodon.technology doesn't work because of CSP misconfiguration (according to GitHub thread).

Can you please take a look?

Markor: Markdown & todo.txt text editor - v1.5 update released - Multiple windows, Markdown tasks, theming


Get it now on Google Play and soon on F-Droid ( @fdroidorg )

-droid .txt

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