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What do self-driving cars, delivery drones, flying cars, virtual reality goggles, space tourism, Mars exploration, chatbots, smart watches, Google glass, smart thermostats and toothbrushes have in common?

It is the growing collection of garbage tech projects on which the massive profits from the monetization of private data has been spent

Its not surprising because to create and iterate useful products you need to have empathy for your users which does not sit well with thinking of them as products

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Google and Facebook releasing all these (objectively amazing) tools is shrewd in so many levels: Signals engineering strength, buys developer good will, trains potential employees, calms people down about the "scary AI", diverts attention from the real issue of private data feeding the algos...

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Counting the major hardware regrets of my life:
1) having a at home but coveting a
2) working on a SUN workstation at university but lusting for a

It's sad but there isn't anything I fancy those days hardware-wise... everything is just boxes and spec's - when not in the cloud, that is

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How many general purpose languages do we really need? Starting with and there must be a dozen I have learned (and forgot) so far. Wikipedia has a list of over fifty. When looking at some recent entrants, say , , I am not totally convinced they were all needed.

The result of this medieval circus of little programming fiefdoms is a huge cognitive cost (wasted brain cycles). Introducing something like the metric system could do wonders to productivity

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Developers, programmers, techies etc have always been portrayed as the asocial introverted geeks, more at ease fondling their keyboards than interacting with "normal" people. Yet the movement and collaborative platforms counts among the most astonishing social development in our lifetime. No other community has reshaped the narrative of what is possible so effectively. Not the artists, not the writers, certainly not the political class or the corporate world. Ponder that...

Over time I got addicted to news. I liked the ability to quickscan a large number of news sources to decide if anything is worth reading

Now trying to replicate that activity using . It's cumbersome and non-uniform across devices. I use on my laptop and on mobile. Discovering feeds is manual, not easy to sync the lists etc... Still some way to go but I already appreciate the lack of algorithmic ranking

I wonder what company Slack is getting ready to sell to with their new logo and branding

How much effort to maintain a instance (eg hrs/week) after the initial setup?

How much effort to maintain a instance (eg hrs/week) after the initial setup?

GNU/Linux hackers: I'm teaching a segment on becoming a Unix/GNULinux power user. any tips on what's important? As an example from the legendary Christopher Gabriel:
"'automate as much as possible' and 'track everything with version control' are good generic tips"

The only thing greater than Java's appetite for memory is Larry Ellisons appetite for money

Good morning my wonderful echo chamber where we all self-selected to agree on the importance of , tolerance and a few other things that escape me right now

But what happens outside this little digital Utopia?

If your reading workflow includes checking out web, social media, etc on smartphone, finding interesting articles, adding bookmarks and reading them later using an eBook reader, and you prefer self hosted solutions, you may find really useful.
It extracts the useful part of the links (text + images, if you prefer so) and serves them via your own host to the eBook device. And you can also export them as epub :)

Younger people might not know that there was a time when supercomputer's computing unit were vector based (like the Cray Y-MP). You had to "vectorize" your code to get the speedup

Today we call it programming

"Your days are subtly influenced by marketers, behavioral scientists, and mathematicians armed with cloud supercomputers. All of this is done in the name of maximizing profit to influence what you’re thinking, buying, and whom you will be electing…"

World Bank blog post

Thieves of Experience: How Google and Facebook Corrupted Capitalism - Los Angeles Review of Books: Thieves of Experience: How Google and Facebook Corrupted Capitalism via @lareviewofbooks

One of the (many) things I like about Masto, is that marketing has no place here. No ads. No promoted Toots. No algorithms. No bullshit.

MarketERS are very welcome. Decent people who mean well.

If you're the right kind of nerd and you're of a certain age, you lusted after the Cray-1 supercomputer. Here's a loving profile of its designer, the legendary Seymour Cray.

Lots of people (esp here) think of Facebook and Google as a new manifestation of evil. I beg to differ. The duo are just the random survivors of the runnaway supply/demand loop that ended up with advertisers throwing billions at them as they (the advertisers) invent the "new TV".

The rot (treating people as manipulatable consuming automata) pre-existed, as evident in the abysmal quality of US television in particular

Trying @Purism's #PureOS in a VM: - Looks promising so far: Debian-based, full disk encryption by default, really simple install process, PureBrowser based on FF, shipping with uBlock Origin and HTTPS Everywhere, DuckDuckGo as the default search engine. Found via @aral, thanks!

What is the outlook for automatic translation on ? It's going to be a killer app on centralized platforms, further entrenching them as "impossible to do without"

Beyond translation, empowering decentralized communication with all sorts of tools (eg text to voice) should be high on the agenda (imho).

This should be particularly neat with / based servers that can seamlessly link to various efforts in this space

Back to .

The thing I love the most in it is that is feels more native on linux desktop than . And, this is pretty interesting: it feels faster than chrome. Even while using slower interpreter, it feels faster and smoother

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