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What do self-driving cars, delivery drones, flying cars, virtual reality goggles, space tourism, Mars exploration, chatbots, smart watches, Google glass, smart thermostats and toothbrushes have in common?

It is the growing collection of garbage tech projects on which the massive profits from the monetization of private data has been spent

Its not surprising because to create and iterate useful products you need to have empathy for your users which does not sit well with thinking of them as products

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Google and Facebook releasing all these (objectively amazing) tools is shrewd in so many levels: Signals engineering strength, buys developer good will, trains potential employees, calms people down about the "scary AI", diverts attention from the real issue of private data feeding the algos...

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Counting the major hardware regrets of my life:
1) having a at home but coveting a
2) working on a SUN workstation at university but lusting for a

It's sad but there isn't anything I fancy those days hardware-wise... everything is just boxes and spec's - when not in the cloud, that is

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How many general purpose languages do we really need? Starting with and there must be a dozen I have learned (and forgot) so far. Wikipedia has a list of over fifty. When looking at some recent entrants, say , , I am not totally convinced they were all needed.

The result of this medieval circus of little programming fiefdoms is a huge cognitive cost (wasted brain cycles). Introducing something like the metric system could do wonders to productivity

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Developers, programmers, techies etc have always been portrayed as the asocial introverted geeks, more at ease fondling their keyboards than interacting with "normal" people. Yet the movement and collaborative platforms counts among the most astonishing social development in our lifetime. No other community has reshaped the narrative of what is possible so effectively. Not the artists, not the writers, certainly not the political class or the corporate world. Ponder that...

For a software developer, one of the strongest predictors of capability is simply knowing what's possible.

A time traveller from the 2000's visits a modern software company

traveller: all your laptops have 32 GB of RAM in them?! Your devs must be doing some really heavy stuff, what the hell do they need all that memory for?

guide: web browsing.

traveller: fukken wat mate?

A product's privacy claims are only as good as its default settings.

Providing options to change the default privacy-violating settings in some "Advanced" section doesn't make your product a privacy-respecting one.


A decentralized, solves a real problem: It removes the need to return oversized profit from the design considerations of the technology platform

Yet it does not come with plugins to handle a whole range of challenges (and pathologies) facing any large scale communication network between people

Inventing those "plugins" will require reflecting on how we managed communication in the "analog" world and what (if any) must be ported to digital. Will be long and error prone

The misinformation bandwagon around "AI" / continues unabated

The latest making the rounds is the need for algorithms "to sleep" in order to "learn" better

There is by now an industry of marketeers, in cahoots with money / attention crazed scientists that will systematically attempt to cast as anthropomorphic (and thus gee-wow) the most mundane mathematical operations

It's a another symptom of unhinged, uncontrollable commercialism that faces no objective checks or push back

2 people added me after I said I wouldn't interact with anyone. *shrug*

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Can someone explain what is a "shitpost"?

Its a serious question. Seems an important and regularly used concept and I don't want to miss out

The number of registered users of Mastodon.Technology increased by 1.6 percent over the past 7 days
according to statistics here:

While increased user count by 2.4 percent that week

Over the same time period appears to have neither grown nor shrunk( 0.0 percent).

18 Feb 2019

I am sure if had a breathing and bleeding community behind it they could make it cool in no time

Like compile to , be the language of smart contracts and such...

Coolness is an attribute of people, not technology

The day I discovered that people rediscovered mechanical keyboards was a happy one

The only question is what else am I missing. In other words, what is the ergonomically optimal hardware for a desktop workstation

I thought it was 'digital robber barrons' but apparently it's 'digital gansters'

Does your school give the data of their kids to a random cloud provider in another country? Or does it what the capital of Switzerland does for its 35.000 students, keeping their data safe and secure in their own #nextcloud?

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