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Britain is an economic basket case for which no cure exists.  Indeed, not only is there no palatable remedy, but nobody with the power of decision even understands the problem.

Twitter is my sad place, mastodon is my happy place. This is the separation that I will keep.

Being as though it's the 6th anniversary of the UK's Brexit referendum, I've dug out my FB post from polling day 2016!

It's interesting how the focus has shifted over the last six years too....

What's wrong with (modern) computing?

- Computers spy on us all the time
- Computers are insecure, while pretending not to to be.
- Computers enable new modes of rent seeking, further exasperated by shitty patents and worse laws
- Computers/the modern internet encourage behaviors which are bad for our mental health as individuals.
- Computers and the modern internet, in concert with modern capitalism have built a world essentially without public spaces.

You know, all that bullshit.

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Does anyone else use Yandex for search? Probably not a popular option right now but the results are rather good imho.

"If Nextcloud would fall behind the big tech solutions in functionality and usability, then people would stop using it. Therefore, we have ambitious plans to keep pushing Nextcloud forward to be the leader in the marketplace."

“Ce que les constructeurs d'autos ont fabriqué en :

- 2019, quand ils savaient que le carburant de leurs autos réchauffait la planète
- 1973, quand ils suspectaient que le carburant de leurs autos était en quantité limitée”

Trouvé sur r/fuckcars

Tim's economic analysis is never optimistic.

"While interest rate rises can only accelerate the gathering depression – turning difficult to manage inflation into impossible to manage stagflation"

@anniemo71 Lords of the manor, tythes to the church and subjugation by the monarchy. Our transition to a fully functional democracy is less than 50% complete imho.

🇬🇧 Police in the UK can access footage from Facewatch’s facial recognition cameras deployed in supermarkets

Good to use real world examples this is a "messy consensus" process to produce a #openweb home to show activist video. It works well with almost no formal decision-making, it's a "trust" network that simply works.

Covid-19 (pestilence) followed by the Russian invasion of Ukraine (war) and the looming threat of food shortages (famine) have appeared in exactly the order that the horsemen of the apocalypse in the Book of Revelation arrive to inflict pain and suffering upon us… the fourth horsemen being death itself.

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