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I think these 'unusual characters' just aren't on this list. It's where this journey started in the sixties and its vestiges live on.


Shoot. I commented a line in file. A simple command that deletes a couple of thousand records from a table to allow for a daily refresh. That was three years ago. Said table is now rather large...... 3 million records... I never knew my ISP had a cost of query limit! :(

Oooo, it's arrived..... Fit for a keyboard warrior! 🙂 Metal construction and the 'proper' mechanical Cherry key switches. Clickety clackity just like the original IBM keyboards of the 80's. It's a dream to type on......

UK's secretive Data Services & Analytics (Home Office) has data on 650 million people. I guess they must all have forgotten to tick the non-consent box.


@openrightsgroup um, removing the gapps dependency in any app based solution may have increased take up.

I just scanned the QR-Code on my Covid vaccination passport. What could possibly go wrong? Spawning a WScript.shell FFS, I hope it's sanitised!!!!

I've been using Vivaldi for a year or two now but got frustrated at slowness when four of five tabs are used. Switched to Firefox, pretty snappy but it just crashes, rather than slowing. :( Back with Vivaldi.....

@moncky SNP or Plaid would get my vote but I'm living in England right now. However, my district council is a coalition of Green, Lib Dem and Labour. County is almost entirely Tory. We need proportional representation so badly. :(

F£&k it, just renewed my Green Party membership. Just love the sense of purpose, enthusiasm and desire for change.

You can't be too careful, online, nowadays.... But the rest of the family are getting a little concerned....... lol


Remember, the original development team at Microsoft that delivered Excel consisted of three people.... Microsoft know about these things.. /s

Well, LastPass jiggering with their free users has backfired. My eldest was a long time user.

So, I have just upgraded to the
Bitwarden family plan.

It's free for regular users but opensource projects like this need support.


Really enjoying my new brilliantly repairable and environmentally friendly @Fairphone FP3+. Running Google free LineageOS 17.1,
Signal, @protonvpn, @protonmail, Vivaldi Browser along with some other amazing FOSS apps thanks to
@fdroidorg. :)

Pesky AI

Cars have come off the road trying to cross a cattle grid after sensors mistook it for a wall and slammed on the brakes.


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