Oooo, it's arrived..... Fit for a keyboard warrior! ๐Ÿ™‚ Metal construction and the 'proper' mechanical Cherry key switches. Clickety clackity just like the original IBM keyboards of the 80's. It's a dream to type on......

I just scanned the QR-Code on my Covid vaccination passport. What could possibly go wrong? Spawning a FFS, I hope it's sanitised!!!!

You can't be too careful, online, nowadays.... But the rest of the family are getting a little concerned....... lol

Really enjoying my new brilliantly repairable and environmentally friendly @Fairphone FP3+. Running Google free LineageOS 17.1,
Signal, @protonvpn, @protonmail, Vivaldi Browser along with some other amazing FOSS apps thanks to
@fdroidorg. :)

Just checking out Nadhim Zahawi's (UK Minister for Business and Industry and COVID Vaccine Deployment) web site. What hope is there?

Track & Trace application written to full UK Government specification. Suitable for Local Authority track and trace teams.

Licence terms ยฃ12bn pa, unlimited use.

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