Now I've moved it downstairs to the TRS-80 model 4. No serial ports involved here. I'm connecting via the Ethernet interface in the M3SE. #retrocomputing #TRS80 #tootstream


Honestly, the most impressive part of this is that the TRS-80 actually comes up knowing the correct current date.

#trs80 #retrocomputing #mastodon #tootstream #m3se


@paradroyd ls-dos was the alternative OS for the Model 3 and 4. The techies, back in the day, loved it. The Model 16 and 6000 were running Xenix back then, they loved that too.

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@gruff Yes..I have a couple different OS on different partitions on the CF card in the M3SE that I can boot from.

LS-Dos is the best one that I have on there for doing this sort of thing.

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