Privacy friends, just got this from Google. I had an AdWords account long ago.

It mentions UK-GDPR, it maybe of interest. 👀

Dropped a thesaurus on my foot.

I was floored, stunned, dazed, startled.

Being able to reverse is an essential driving skill in these parts - this was this morning as I was on the PO run. Campervan decided to stop on the *wrong* side of the passing place.

Anyone up to date with DPA? I registered way back in 2001 and have been paying ICO annually by direct debit ever since

I remember stating various purposes, how do I check them?

The Procurement Chamber in the German state of Baden-Württemberg decided that the transfer of personal data outside of the EU is not #GDPR compatible.

"It’s a landmark decision that has a huge influence in Germany & the rest of Europe" #GDPR #SchremsII


PeerTube would be good because people on other Fediverse platforms like Mastodon will be able to follow the account, comment, like, share etc.

Some good general instances with responsible moderation include,,,,

Put Neverware on an old notebook for Mum (82) with Chromium. Told her always type full URL to stay safe.

Google bought out Neverware. Apply update. Now uses Chrome. Types in full url to renew licence, but now sent to Google!

The first site is a scam ad! Scumsuckers!

Mastodon is my happy place.

Twitter is my doom place.

Have to learn about the doom of the World in order to fight it. BUT have to recharge with good people in a safe place to get enough energy and solutions to do so ✊💚🐘

Why not just say 20% inflation busting increase for Prime subscription?

Profits off-shored so no tax paid to support NHS, Education, Roads or other essential infrastructure.

Longterm I may want a future where clicking a link didn't imply consent to run whatever scripts that site desires, & where browsers were feasable to fork. I may personally want this future today since in my websurfing the drawbacks of having JavaScript enabled far outweigh the benefits.

But what I'm really asking from you isn't so much to write no JavaScript, but to write better JavaScript. To write less JavaScript, make less work for yourself.


They never give up. Once client-side scanning infrastructure is installed the mission will creep, for sure.

Heads of GCHQ and NCSC say client-side scanning could protect children and privacy at the same time.

Listening to last night in the House of Commons. He's delusional. The words and meaning of the 'no confidence' vote were intercepted, twisted then presented as authentic. Johnson has just performed the most outrageous 'man in the middle' attack on our constitution.

Potential leaders of the UK being paraded in front of its citizens on TV. They proclaim changes in direction and policy. Yet so weak they collectively veto a vote of no confidence, ensuring public have no say in the coronation process.

This country is not a properly functioning democracy.

Not the sort of thing you want to find under the floorboards amongst the electrics. Instructions complied with precisely and earth wire disappearing into the building... :(

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