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RT Lastpass, bitwarden, 1password etc expose your entire password database to an adversary with read access to your memory. They fare worse against remote actors than pen and paper.

Password-store+yubikey or Mooltipass OTOH decrypt one secret at a time with physical approval.



Thanks for helping organize a public program with for !

More opensource projects need this kind of financial 'love'


If you're in Berlin and want to live the dream, check out Room 77 and pay with Bitcoin or lightning


Hey Californians, the California Consumer Privacy Act took effect yesterday!

Know your rights and protect your privacy!


A little late, but I spent most of the day traveling. Happy New Year from Leipzig, Deutschland

I'm a software developer, grinder, cryptography and cryptocurrency enthusiast. I enjoy making things and learning. I enjoy great food, good beer and whisky. Hard Rock, Ska and EDM fan. Seeing the world one flight and one trail at a time.

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