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@IanColdwater@twitter.com @TinkerFairy_Net@twitter.com @jessica_schalz@twitter.com @MayaKaczorowski@twitter.com @TabbySable@twitter.com @mauilion@twitter.com I think this is the kubecon workshop you're referencing, yeah?

I'm trying to organize a CTF using this in the SF Bay area.
if anyone's interested, ping me :)

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@ac1dgoddess@twitter.com Lastpass, bitwarden, 1password etc expose your entire password database to an adversary with read access to your memory. They fare worse against remote actors than pen and paper.

Password-store+yubikey or Mooltipass OTOH decrypt one secret at a time with physical approval.

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Thanks @CloudNativeFdn@twitter.com for helping organize a public program with @Hacker0x01@twitter.com for !

More opensource projects need this kind of financial 'love'


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@AndrewLApples I've been using Fedilab now that Twidere is dead. It's available on both @fdroidorg and Play Store

If you're in Berlin and want to live the dream, check out Room 77 and pay with Bitcoin or lightning

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Hey Californians, the California Consumer Privacy Act took effect yesterday!

Know your rights and protect your privacy!

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A little late, but I spent most of the day traveling. Happy New Year from Leipzig, Deutschland

I'm a software developer, grinder, cryptography and cryptocurrency enthusiast. I enjoy making things and learning. I enjoy great food, good beer and whisky. Hard Rock, Ska and EDM fan. Seeing the world one flight and one trail at a time.

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