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As I’ve said before, no one should be in jail just for using or possessing marijuana.

Today, I’m taking steps to end our failed approach. Allow me to lay them out.

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I recently disclosed vulnerabilities in Thunderbird that would have allowed an attacker to decrypt and leak arbitrary messages encrypted to a loaded PGP key.

Now that these bugs have been fixed in Thunderbird 91 & 102, here is a write up.


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Following the Uber breach, you'll get a lot of advice like "use 2FA" or "disable IPv6," but snake-oil advice like this can't fully protect from outsider threats.

Instead, try this:
• disable IPv6 *and* IPv4
• unplug any remaining network devices
• turn off your laptop and go

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“Suffolk police shielded an off-duty officer from alcohol testing after he crashed a pickup truck into the back of a car at an estimated speed of more than 50 mph, fracturing the skull of a 2-year-old boy and causing lasting injuries” twitter.com/newsday/status/156

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@lindyli@twitter.com Amy Coney Barrett is leading the elimination of rights for all women under the disguise of religion in order to enable Republican Fascism

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A Louisiana woman is forced to carry a skull-less fetus for the next 6 months

A parent-less 16-year-old was denied an abortion

A 10-yr-old rape victim was denied an abortion

A Texas woman was forced to carry a dead fetus to term

Amy Coney Barrett, this is your gruesome legacy

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And now Linux has a Runtime Verification Interface! Merged for Linux v6.0 (or 5.20?)!

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Im getting really fucking fed up with Americans right now. Shit is seriously starting to go down with blaming gay people for monkey pox, rampant transphobia, the goverment trying to reverse ICWA (Indian Child Welfare Act) Gay marriage on the chopping block, interracial marriage-

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In middle school, I read the Foundation books and said "Whoa, imagine living at the center of a crumbling Empire and not even knowing it." I think about that moment a lot.

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.@hackforsatan@twitter.com will we be summoning the dark lord this year at ?

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How did this dude get so many followers 😂 I don’t get it. I still haven’t broken 1k and I find actual malware.

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the GOP is absolutely lying to people on what is actually being put in these bills. They are lying.

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In Orange County, school staff report that they’ve been told to take down rainbow “safe space” stickers and LGBTQ elementary teachers have been told to remove pictures of their families from their desks.

Don’t Say LGBTQ goes into effect Friday. (1/4)


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My regular friends "do you think they will really go after gay marriage"

My lawyer friends "Do you think women owning property in their own name is clearly established? It was not at the time of the signing of the 14th, would a trust survive?"

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PSA: if you have prod data in a non-prod account,

It is now a prod account.

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Build more houses
Build more mixed-use buildings
Build more green spaces
Build more nuclear plants
Build more public transportation
Build more walkable communities

Build more for people

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An abortion ban law from 1849—when slavery was legal—just went into effect in Wisconsin. And because the Republican-controlled state legislature refuses to repeal that law, the Democratic governor is vowing to pardon those convicted under the law.

The 2 parties are not the same.

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If Republicans can end the filibuster to install right-wing judges to overturn Roe v. Wade, Democrats can and must end the filibuster, codify Roe v. Wade, and make abortion legal and safe.

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