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She may name me, but it was @CircuitSwan@twitter.com who overhead me and ran with it...

Proceeds going to @NSPFoundation@twitter.com


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That's.....not how that works

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Donald Trump on computer hacking: "Nobody gets hacked. To get hacked you need somebody with 197 IQ and he needs about 15 percent of your password."


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22% of all US Dollars were created in 2020

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This is why we have over 200k deaths in this country. Nonsense like this. You're doped up are only on day 3 of treatment. Fuck off with your bullshit

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I will be leaving the great Walter Reed Medical Center today at 6:30 P.M. Feeling really good! Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life. We have developed, under the Trump Administration, some really great drugs & knowledge. I feel better than I did 20 years ago!

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Alright, which one of you a**holes thought this was a good idea.

"Why is this such shit?"

**Looks online**

"oh it's 'fixed' in the newest version of kubernetes"

Cries remember how much of a pain upgrading our clusters and migrating resources is.

I feel personally attacked

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I'm in this picture and I don't like it

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Originally blamed @comcastcares@twitter.com, but everything was working fine on my hardwired connection via TOR.

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Nothing better than your built-in DNS server on your @Googlewifi@twitter.com freaking out and requiring a full factory reset to fix. Time to rebuild my entire internal routing table and settings so everything is in the right place again. Thanks @google@twitter.com

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I’m a developer seeking a job in:

βšͺ️ a startup

βšͺ️ a corporate

πŸ”˜ the woods, making furniture with my hands and not speaking to anyone

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Give the people what they want.
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Someone put Bladerunner 2049 music to drone footage of San Francisco and at first I didn’t know whether to be amazed or horrified. This is very much horrifying.

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Hundreds of demonstrators quietly taking a knee for 2:53 seconds in the middle of the streeet

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has entered Safe Mode.
The meme has crossed over into real life, courtesy of . In early March we had hopes that things would be stable by August. That is no longer realistic.

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Riot Web/Desktop 1.6 + RiotX Android 0.19 + Riot iOS 0.11 IS HERE!!! E2E Encryption by default, Cross-signing & QR-codes for Device Verification, All New E2EE UI/UX + SO MUCH MORE making this our biggest release EVER! E2E will never be the same again πŸŽ‰πŸš€πŸΎblog.riot.im/e2e-encryption-by

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