@david I plan to cure cancer, win the lottery, and learn 7 new languages in the next 2 years,

Balloons love most types of music, but there's one genre that makes them cringe ... 

26 years ago, this past June, I married the woman of my dreams. Which is all the more impressive when you consider the fact that I'm an insomniac.

@joostruis In solidarity, I think I'll delete my Google+ account. :)

@metatron The Accountant (2016) is the closest I can find. Love the movie, but it got a 51% on RT. That's the same score as my least-favorite movie.

@metatron Are you kidding? The TRex has a brain the size of a walnut... Look out!!! ... What's that?? ... a walnut.

@metatron If you liked that, another more drama-type flick for WF is Everything Must Go. Those are the only two films I know he's in that aren't comedy. I rather like both.

@metatron Rottentomatoes gave the worst movie I've ever seen (Black Cobra 3, 1990) at 51%, so I don't know how much I trust them.

My absolute favorite movie isn't so much unpopular as it is unknown. Stranger Than Fiction (2006, 72%).

@felixmueller Don't dress for the job you have. Dress for the job you want! :)

@Argus Never really thought about it, but I wonder if my kids would know what that is... or a rotary phone for that matter. We ditched the landline before they were born.

@XuZiShun Do you have gun free zones there? Are there places where your guns are forbidden?

Hey. I just got followed by a beautiful spambot! Ain't life grand?

Unfortunately, I can't visit the site.

I'm a pretty good OO programmer, but this lady is affiliated with "bad oo girls". Oh, well.

@jackbaty A rare picture of a man who shot himself with a canon and lived to tell about it.

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