After seeing a #MonsterHunter meme earlier today, I thought to myself “I wish I liked Monster Hunter more. But I’m not paying full price to try the new one.”

Steam just sent me a notice that it’s on sale so basically you can thank me for willing this sale into existence just with my thoughts.

@InfiniteHench @chartier not switch? I think it’s on sale there, too. (And a lot of other games. I just picked up Hyrule Warriors.)

@gregatron5 I've kinda fallen out of love with Nintendo. They don't seem to want a real online service and they're keeping it underpowered, which keeps a lot of games from coming to the platform.

Plus I have a #SteamDeck now, and it's pretty much what I wanted the Switch to be. Minus the Nintendo exclusives, of course.


@InfiniteHench I just have waaaaaaay less time to play it (or anything, really) than I’d like.

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