I dislike that records in Java re-introduce null after all I've been trying to do to get rid of it with Optional.

What’s the best way to “get rid of” old incandescent lightbulbs that still work but I will never use again?

What’s the best way to tell if an Apple TV is an HD or 4K model?

Icons spilling over to the top of the next page is getting really annoying.

How come Halide can say “due to bugs in iOS 15” it it’s update notes but apps from mere mortals can’t?

My wife just sent me an Instagram reel that was a Twitter post of a TikTok…

Kinda think I should toot it 🙃

Wife, using my iPad, which has been upgraded to iOS 15: Why does your safari look so weird?

Remember when $3,000 TVs came with speakers worth using?

I find my Lamy cartridges dry out _much_ faster than my Pilot/Namiki cartridges. Anyone else?

Kinda wish I was paying enough attention to see if this incredibly precise forecast was accurate.

Dear Virginians,

Masks don’t work if they don’t cover your nose.


Everyone who actually cares about stopping the spread of Covid

How on earth does this not have the “report junk” link on it?

Today we learned the kids can hike for about a mile before they want to be carried.

I find it amusing that immediately after a Comcast commercial (about how great Comcast is) on Comcast cable it immediately cuts to the US Open graphics with HORRIBLE macro blocking.

I am still (and will always be) mad/upset about Slack’s cultural appropriation of 🙏. It’s :thanks:, NOT :pray:

Posit: Paper has gotten cheaper and crappier due to ballpoint pens and the fact they smear gel-like ink (that’s resistant to capillary action) on the surface paper instead of laying a liquid-based ink (that can soak in) on the paper.

Trying to decide how long I sit at this restaurant un-waited-on before just leaving

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