lol why bother even having a sale with this many exclusions

What the crap is up with kids shoe sizes? This is inscrutable and pattern-less.

Motorcycles are evil. Fight me.

You’ll probably win, because of the fucking motorcycles keeping me from sleeping and I’m exhausted.

Remember when the Apple store app would have download codes fire a new free app every month or two? Good times.

I love spark mail app, but I wish I could fire someone for enabling remote images by default, and fire them even more for not syncing that preference among devices.

Breakfast at union market is so different with a toddler. Hard to imagine what it will be like with two. 👦🏻👶🏻

Today in “things I never expected to have to teach my child”:

How to format an external drive so it’s readable by both Macs and Windows PCs.

I was having a keyboard issue in safari in iOS 13, so I tried to kill safari. However, I forgot I had multiple windows open, so I didn’t kill safari so much as just close a window. Then, in order to actually kill safari I closed all the windows, but the last window closed is the one that is restored when restarting, so I lost all the tabs in my “main” window 😭

I hope Sony fired whoever designed the back of the PS4. With prejudice.

I own, and it is set to expire on 3 Nov. Anyone want it before I just let it go?

Feel free to boost.

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Transistor for #NintendoSwitch is only $4 in the eShop right now (reg $20). That price is *criminal*, you absolutely should get it. Absolutely stellar game from the makers of Bastion.

Bonus: as usual from this studio, the soundtrack is great too.

Updating the iPad is a whole nother story. It lights up the entire room despite the black screen.

Weirdest thing about Ren Fest is so many people dress up (and with such good costumes) you can’t tell who works here and who’s a patron.

Updating my iPhone XS in the dark. It’s kind of cool to see the Apple logo, activity spinner, and progress bar just floating in the dark. The black of an OLED screen just isn’t there.

I get irrationally annoyed when someone says “you know” or “like I said” before they say something for the first time.

How much extra would you pay for a dishwasher with a dry cycle that actually dried dishes?

I’d pay a lot.

Just spent some time configuring my Netgear Orbi, then futzed around a bit with AirPort Utility for my Time Capsule.

Hot damn I wish Apple still made WiFi routers. I’d pay good money for mesh networking AirPorts with separate private backhauls.

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