It is utterly frustrating to me that when you shrink the software keyboard on iPad OS the emoji and number keys are swapped compared to the keyboard on iOS.

It makes no sense and I hit the wrong one on the iPad ALL THE TIME.

I setup an exchange account on my iPhone and everything synced to my watch properly. Then I deleted the account from my phone and it deleted from my watch… EXCEPT calendars.

How do I stop getting those exchange calendar events on my watch?

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OMFG you can FINALLY turn Netflix’s stupid autoplay preview bullshit off! 🎉🎉🎉

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Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio -> Help -> View Help -> *browser opens* Welcome to Visual Studio 2015


TIL Betabrand stopped making men’s clothes and no longer carries my favorite pants 😭

Turns out no one at my new job knows how to use TeamCity either.

It’s a build tool! Let’s just chain a bunch of different scripts together as build steps to do EVERYTHING in one giant build configuration!

So much for Amazon prime now. They have free two hour delivery, but it’s a two hour delivery window tomorrow afternoon. So much for the “now” part of the service…

Been too busy and sick to pay attention to much of anything for the past three weeks. Shouldn’t have read the news before bed. Ugh.

Debating re-setting up this phone up as a new phone instead of copying over my profile. There are so many apps I never use, and it might be easier to rethink my folder strategy if the existing folders just weren’t there.

I’ve been through four boxes of tissues in the last eight days. Where does all this snot come from? What is the evolutionary advantage here?

lol wired earbuds like those will ever even be unwrapped

Impatiently waiting for my iPhone 11 Pro to finish setting up so I can start taking pictures of our kids

Just got my first USB-C to lightning cable. It’s a brave new world.

I wish this cold would die. I’ve been sick for the entire week I took off between jobs. Should have taken two 😖

TIL Hayao Miyazaki wears toe socks, and I feel vindicated in one of my life choices.

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