Hot Take: Apple’s software quality has probably gone up, not down.

In software, every time you add a new feature that interacts with another, you increase the complexity of the program combinatorially. macOS is significantly more complex now than it was in 10.6, and it’s probably a small miracle it works at all.

USB-A is the worst.

Especially when you can't actually see the port and you're trying to plug it in by feel.

Heard a loud pop (outside), then the power went out.

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When is iOS 14.5 gonna drop? I want watch unlocking!

anyone else find that jira in safari can't scroll the page after looking at an attached image?

Is asterisk still the DIY VoIP server of choice?

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I’m trying to decide between two apps: Drafts and Bear. Mostly,I just want the capability to create and organize quick notes from my AppleWatch.

Any other recommendations or thoughts?

Um, Siri? Contacts also says Maggie is my wife. And it’s the pandemic so we’re literally almost never apart.

I just noticed the flashlight was on in my pocket, and I have no idea for how long. That never happened before. And the camera takes longer to open now, too, and I’ve missed shots because of that.

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I miss force touch on the iPhone so much. Haptic Touch isn’t even worth it. It’s just long-press with a little haptic tap. I’d happily pay more AND take less battery life to get it back.

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“Debugging is the subtle art of reconciling what you think you asked a computer to do with what you actually asked a computer to do.”


There cannot BE a better definition.

VirtualBox vs. VMWare vs. Parallels: the eternal conundrum.

Daddy daycare is both fulfilling and utterly exhausting. Two toddlers are more than a handful.

My last BOTW save is from September. Maybe this will be the year I finally get around to beating it?

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