WSJ article denying police systemic racism 

Not sure if I should choose “It’s offensive”, “It’s hate speech”, or “It’s threatening and it encourages criminal behavior”.

Man do I have cute kids. I really should start a pixelfed account.

Today I realized that Buddy the Elf’s parents are Princess Kaguya’s parents (in the English dub).


Moods. I have been in a horrible one for days and I can’t get out of it.

Why am I getting commercials on amazon prime video?

Waking Up is also free if you can’t afford it. You just need to email them. I highly recommend it.

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My save for Human Resources Machine didn’t make the transition to a new iPhone, even with an iTunes encrypted backup restore 😭

rant; language 

Just realized that since I threw that behind a cw I should have added a few more obscenities.

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rant; language 

I can’t fucking believe that with the Apple Magic Folio keyboard attached to my Apple iPad that when I open a message from a notification I can’t fucking type and I have to touch the screen AGAIN to actually use the fucking keyboard.

I’m a user of Waking Up now, but this is where I started. If you’re unemployed, Headspace is offering a free year of the Plus service. I highly recommend it.

Meditation isn’t a panacea and won’t fix anything, but it helps, even if it’s just to take the edge off. Their sleepscapes are great, too. Please retoot.

I’ve been reading Thinking, Fast and Slow on my kindle on and off for about maybe five years. I kept getting annoyed at the word spacing issues with full justification, and it wouldn’t let me change it. I deleted and re-downloaded the book and got all the new formatting options.

If you have really old .mobi files on your kindle, you may want to consider deleting and re-downloading them.

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If you think about it, wasting both time AND money is actually pretty efficient. Wasting two things at once? What a timesaver

Our toddler knows his mom is called “mom,” but for some reason he also calls her “diddle.”

When he hears the gate at the bottom of the stairs because she’s going up, he almost reflexively says “Diddle bye!” and it is SO CUTE.

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I do not understand why safari content blockers don’t work in Apple news.

Actually, I do. It’s just massively disappointing.

Took the day off to potty train the toddler. Yesterday was a mess, today we’re at 50%. Here’s hoping the positive trend continues.

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