My and my wife’s sleep had been super horrible lately. Anyone else?

God dammit, watch, I’m washing the dishes, not washing my hands. For the tenth time. In a row. In the exact same place.

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So I'm basically learning that the Arlo (a Netgear spin-off) Baby Camera doesn't work well with Netgear Orbi.

Might not be Orbi specifically but when 2.5 GHz and 5 GHz share the same SSID, which you can't change with Orbi.

When my great-grandmother was born cars hadn't been invented and flight was just a dream. By the time she died we were a car dominant society and man had landed on the moon.

I was born after the lunar landings, cars have barely changed and we're not even on the moon anymore.

Computers have come a long way, though.

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Maven should throw an error when you explicitly run the `test` or `verify` targets and -DskipTests=true.

Not that I do that manually, but sometimes tools turn off tests but still allow you to run those targets.

I'm becoming increasingly unsure if it's worth it to suffer through listening to Marco Arment (and to a lesser extent Casey Liss) just to listen to John Siracusa.

Is there a way to find all active keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10? Something is eating ctrl-alt-<arrow-keys> and I cannot find what. It's either RDP or my workstation, but I think it's my workstation because it used to work.

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damn girl are you the bible? because im going to constantly misinterpret you to my own benefit and if you ever directly contradict me ill just ignore it and act like it didnt happen

In my Win 10 Parallels VM ctrl-left works, alt-left works, but ctrl-alt-left does not. I have no idea how to find out where it's getting eaten.

oh the irony of a NullPointerException thrown from a method named nullSafeSet(...)

Anyone else have problems with Arlo’s Baby Cam constantly showing up as disconnected? The Orbi app shows it’s still online. It also randomly just shows as unavailable in the Home app when it will still show up in the Arlo app.

Does anyone ever use a gas grill and use a setting less than full flame? 🔥 💯

Kind of annoyed that on macOS the clock is on the right of the menu bar, but on iOS/iPadOS it’s on the left.

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