Is there no way to see which Apple Arcade games you’ve downloaded on one device from another?

Reading a book in the iOS Books app; swiped over to the Home app so I could check the video feed of the toddler’s room (he’s up too late; being a bit ornery); swipe back to Books and it’s on the wrong page. Literally the first page of the chapter I just finished. (And the chapter I last navigated to from the ToC, which is probably the root of the issue.) How could it fuck that up so badly?

Seriously, the Kindle version of the book I’m looking at is $14.99 and the paperback is $9.49. WTF Scribner‽

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I don’t understand e-book pricing. If I’m not going to pay $12.99 for a physical copy, I’m sure as hell not going to pay $12.99 for a DRM’d digital copy. I would however, probably pay $4.99 for it and I’d almost certainly buy it for $1.99. That’s ~$5 (or ~$2) for the publisher instead of $0. Digital volume is practically free. Make them cheap (but good) and sell them by the virtual boatloads.

@chartier May I make a suggestion? When you mention Fantastical features (menu-bar conference call indicator), mention whether it's Free, Included with former purchase, or Subscription. (In this case, it's subscription only.)

A symptom of American largess: the smallest coffee size available at Panera is 16 oz.

My wife, as we're going to start potty training our youngest tomorrow: Make sure you roll up the rugs and put them in the basement. Except for the red one that came from your house. We could use at least one rug on the floor, and I don't like it so if it gets ruined we can just buy a new one.

Holy shit we just got a burst of rain that came down so hard I literally couldn’t see across the street (maybe 30 yards/meters) and our gutters are overflowing. The street looks like an angry river now.

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i want a girl with long-lasting foundation
who's tall
and grey
and sharp on the sides
i want a girl who is a brutalist building
who builds up slowly
and has people inside

Welp, rehoboth beach is closed. Nice whilst it lasted.

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us health ins 

The "health" industry in the US is so fucked. $542 bill for tests. $520 "adjustment". Insurance company paid $12. My co-pay is $10. So the lab essentially charged $542 for $22 worth of work and magically waived the other $520.

Why do people share their entire screen instead of just the window they want to share?

Interesting that it’s perpetually 9:41 AM during the entire 20 minute Xcode Cloud presentation in the PSOTU.

Realization: In the context of the iPad, the Apple Pencil is fundamentally incompatible with the Magic Keyboard. Discuss.

Ugh. The ebook I currently have checked out from the library is in sale. The library version is kindle, but I can’t decide if I want to get it from apple or amazon.

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