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#Introduction Does it make sense to be shy on the fediverse? I'm thinking maybe no.

Let's see what fun stuff I can discover. I dig old bad/awesome sci-fi, jazz, marching bands and coffee shops.

I've been sitting here silently waiting for four years for folk to turn up ... hopefully ... soon!?

re- , , , , , , tinkering with computers in a extremely amateur way - a Londoner living in the North East of England

Laetitia Sadier at her lovely show at The Cluny 2 a few weeks back. Can't believe that I first saw her on a stage over 30 years ago. She still looks, and sounds amazing.

Audio: Lost tracks: Dean Wareham with Tuatara (via A Head Full of Wishes

My top artists (Last 7 days): 1. Fairport Convention 2. The Catenary Wires 3. Patti Smith 4. The Waterboys 5. Alvvays 6. Justin Paton with Akira Toyonaga 7. Sophie Cooper 8. Wales Goes Pop 9. Clyde Built Radio 10. SPC ECO

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