I don't think I can go back to twitter. The whole aura, atmosphere something I can't relate anymore and makes me kinda anxious. I'm happy to have left that behind. It was truly making me unhappy


I've never managed to get the appeal of Twitter, though I stuck with it for a long while. Ditching it was a good move.

@gradunza5 Same. For me it was the people, it is nice to interact in little short tweets with known people. But gneh, too tribalist, so much tension all the time. Here stuff is relaxed and nice

@dendy I completely agree- things here are a nicer pace. And, best of all, easier to get rid of the stuff that ruins that.

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@gradunza5 Yepyep. As the admin of my instance, there's a lot of junk here I had filter out. But onceyou defederate or mute people, it's actually a very nice comfy place
@gradunza5 I love that from fedi. Similar people tend to groupin instances, and you can decide pretty neatly. No need to share space and die fighting between us


I noticed that super quickly once starting to poke around here. Even though I jumped on larger instances, seeing how easily people moved to other, smaller, more curated instances to get away from the rabble is always really heartening.


If you don't mind me asking, what prompted you to set up your own instance? Other than control, is there a benefit? Was it difficult?

@gradunza5 It's not really control tbh, I don't like at all deciding for other people or being a moderator, but that comes as a responsibility since I'm an admin. Buuut my gf does most of that work since she's just a natural for it. With her and another friend we discuss what to do admin and moderation-wise

And what prompted me to do it was just tinkering, trying stuff out because why not, it's fun. As with all my stuff, it was just for me and that's it, but my friends kept asking and asking and boom, now we have our own little community. In the end I'm proud of this little corner of the internet with me and my friends, feels good

Aaaaaand no, setting it is quite easy, at least compared to othr stuff I had to deal with. We were on mastodon before, its installation is the best documented, most easy thing, but it is HEAVY. Pleroma is soo light, it's great. That said maintaining Pleroma is quite of a pain, Mastodon is way nicer. You interested in setting one up?

Sorry for the wall of text lol


That's a fantastic answer, thank you!

I'm interested only from a curiosity and tinkering standpoint; I don't have any other friends that use mastodon (to my knowledge) so it would probably not become anything more.

Who knows if it'll end up happening or not, though. plenty of other things on the "to-tinker-with" list :D

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