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Think for a moment about how many people needed to be ok with the way the Sonic movie was heading in order for you to see that trailer.

There is now a quality coffee maker with decent beans less than 20' from my desk. Either my productivity is about to increase or I'm my blood is going to vibrate out of my body.

To anyone whose Xamarin environments were broken by the XCode 10 update:

Make sure you open XCode and let it finalize its installation. It will install some stuff even after the Mac Store update is finished.

Also make sure you update Visual Studio for Mac. The Stable channel is working for me, but there's a "XCode 10 Preview" branch that might have additional changes if Stable isn't doing it for you.

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It's official. I can think of no other thing more stressful than having to run someone else's D&D character through a 1-on-1 duel he might very well lose.

And the duel is to the death.

And you got him into the duel.

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Billy Jean is stuck in my head. Please make it go away.

So far, today is going a lot like yesterday. I wish that was not the case.

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I have some really amazing and loving people in my life who treat me good and help me grow and I could never express enough gratitude honestly.

What a weekend. Back in the office. Hi everyone! What did I miss?

Decided to dip my toes into Keybase, and by extension, the MacOS GPG tools. Anyone have thoughts? Suggestions? Things I should make sure to do or avoid?

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The tater tots are very good this morning. The breakfast sandwich is not as good as I'd like it to be.

Hopefully there will be coffee soon.

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One of these days I will actually get round to playing games on my backlog. Who knows when, but sure.

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Lotta people here are also not in to IoT I see. For the record, the seminar's answer to the question of what the best practice for security is if you own an IoT device was: Change the default username and password.

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The ISS is currently experiencing a slow depressurization in the Russian segment, the crew is not in danger and is searching for the leak

I'd be very hesitant to stick my finger in a hole that's exposed to the vacuum of space! 🤣 Glad they got it patched up and Alexander Gerst's finger is ok.

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