Okay here goes; hi, hello, hola, hallo, bonjour, سلام , kumusta.

I'm guillaume. I'm , , and new around here. Originally from Normandy, currently based in , by way of Réunion island, Toulouse, and San Francisco.

Originally a engineer who used to work in and . Now doing , revenue, and future thinking for Wikipedia.

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I love to learn and read about a bunch of stuff. I practice without guilt and I'm slowly making my way through my ever-growing antilibrary. I recently got into . I'm probably building something out of bricks right now, or doing , or trying not to maim myself learning . These days I'm spending a lot of time rebuilding my outdated website.

You might find me rewatching Pushing Daisies, The Good Place, Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica (2004), Hannah Gadsby, various Star Trek and Marvel stuff, Amélie Poulain, The Thing About Harry, Coco, Azur & Asmar, or Wall•E.

Music tastes are a bit all over the place but I have a soft spot for soundtrack music, Pink Martini, Laurent Voulzy, Arvo Pärt, Nina Simone, Eva Cassidy, Simon & Garfunkel, Dolly Parton, and Motown music.

English or Français is best. Puedo hablar un poquitito de español pero muy lentamente. Nur kann ich ein bißchen Deutsch sprechen. Slowly getting started on Arabic and even more slowly on Tagalog.

Judging by my twitter feed, what you may reasonably expect from this account is: puns, memes, wiki stuff, random thoughts, and (mis)adventures in gay dating.

I'm just trying to leave people and places with a little more wisdom, beauty, and kindness than I found them with.

@gpaumier Amazing introduction! And best of luck with your language studies. Should you have questions with Tagalog, I'd be more than happy to entertain them. :)

@gpaumier I love Wall-E; it's basically "Telling an emotionally compelling story when the main characters can barely speak or emote: the movie"

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