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Target knows I want a switch, gimme that targeted advertising yo

Ordered some 3M P100 masks in case it gets as bad here as it's getting in the PNW

I really am enjoying living in a simulator of industrial revolution London

3 years and 4 warranty printers later my HP OfficeJet 6830 is finally totally and irreversibly dead. Welcome to the new color HP LaserJet M281fdw!

The 90s called... 

Transgender Woman Makes History With Victory in Vermont

Christine Hallquist, a Democrat, became the first transgender candidate to be nominated for a governorship by a major party.

Beginning my great migration to Google Drive from Dropbox. May God have mercy on my upload connection.

Minor car crash 

Minor car crash 

ladies and gentlemen 

*repeatedly and obsessively refreshes his T-Mobile and Samsung order pages*

Mastodon needs polls so I can have birdsite's Emoji Tetra over here

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