It’s really hard to call into meetings when you’re crying. #Inauguration2021


Amanda Gorman.

The entire poem.



Guter Text von B. Ulrich zur CDU und zur Zähigkeit des Ausharrens im Ist – Wo kämen wir denn hin, wenn wir was änderten. „Mitte und Maß lassen sich also nicht mehr finden, indem man etwas langsamer ist als SPD und Grüne, weil auch die langsamer sind als die Krisen selbst, die Radikalität geht neuerdings von der Wirklichkeit aus, nicht von ‚den anderen‘“

We are happy to announce that there are only 360 Days left until #rC3!

hey - does anyone in berlin want a huge (prints on A2), old, amazing pen plotter? (image of it attached).

i got it when i lived there, and i've since moved and had huge hopes of trying to move it back to nyc but it's just not going to be possible. you can have it for free as long as you go and pick it up at my old flat, it's heavy as shit.

includes all needed cables and a lot of repair / maintenance / operation manuals that don't seem to have been digitized anywhere.

Trying again … Something like Etherpad but for database/calc data? Want to quickly web-publish (read-only) data sets, with ability to sort and filter. Ethercalc doesn’t seem to fit, isn’t read-only and can’t filter.

600$ unmanaged Ethernet Switch - mit GROSSARTIGEM Hörerlebnis!!!1
English Electric - 8Switch | Audio streaming switch for higher quality music

anybody else interested in or is using #palmos I'd love to chat about it. -C

Brauche für den Jahresausklangs-Event dringend „umgekehrte“ PS/2-USB-Adapter, d.h. USB-Tastatur/Maus an PS/2-Computern betreiben, etwa oder ADDER KMU2P. Kaum zu kriegen - hat meine Twitter-Bubble die mit alten KVMs abgebaut und kann sie verleihen?

I am SO proud of Apple for publishing this guide on device and data access for personal safety. I hope this might help anyone dealing with intimate partner surveillance or stalking by someone you trusted.

Hm, am I the only one where a self-built mini vMac on M1/ARM64 doesn’t really play well with System 7 OSses (Division by Zero during boot), but System 6 works fine?


That escalated quickly. Kennt jemand USB-Hubs mit mind. 18 Ports? #rC3

Such a a great point!

RT And don't forget that if none of your followers are deaf or blind, it might be because you aren't providing a format that they can consume!


$BEKANNTEOHNEMODEM in Berlin kommt an ihre Daten auf dem iPad nicht mehr ran. iPad läuft aber noch. -- kann jemand vor Ort einen Blick darauf werfen? Sie hat schon div. Läden durch, die alle abwinken oder vierstellige Beträge wollen.

Looking for a super simple FTP server for UNIX. No config file, please, just want to hand over the directory to share via command line when starting. No authentication needed. Something like `darkhttpd` but for FTP … any ideas?


Climate Goals Explained

The so called climate goals aren‘t goals but last, hostile frontiers without return. Blaming them as „goals“ is a most dangerous, a false security breathing euphemism in order to extend earths exploitation to its maximum.

: Wo kann ich „schräge“ Kabel/Adapter heute noch (innerhalb der EU) kaufen? Bspw. Narrow SCSI 3reihig SubD, oder Mini DIN8. Nein, hat es nicht …

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