I wonder how to bring people that think videogames are just childs play to just once play with me so i can teach them better...

What's a good entry-level, portable laptop you would recommend for ?
There dozens of cheap laptops but is there any experience on their performance?
Also graphics-drivers and stuff...

maybe @mwpdx@mastodon.social could give me a recommendation?

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Frequent -review in a gorgoues team is the single best thing that ever happened to my professional career.
Don't stop embracing it. Every review is a great chance to evolve your knowledge.

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If you are or have been considering Mastodon, then I recommend mastodon.technology.

I tried Mastodon a while back but it didn't really catch my interest. But I think the Local feed on Mastodon.technology is exactly what I'm missing from Twitter trends.

Hi! I am a developer currently focused heavily on (several years now) but not limited to / . I used to work in the industry but recently switch to the industry. I'm also a of two wonderful daughters and love games. Looking forward to find some folks to exchange myself with.
I am pretty new to and am looking for people to initially "guide" me a little. If you feel like you want to do that, i'd appreciate it!🖖

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