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So what I've basically done is finally ditching Cloudflare and No-IP and being more indipendent with Let's Encrypt's Certbot and which allows me to have a dynamic DNS like No-IP but with my own domain and not some stupid subdomain thingy.

Hey @derek , where did Unfettered Freedom go? Did you stop the series or am I missing something?

KDE is turning 25 years old soon. What is one thing you appreciate about KDE? Tell us in the comments!

We're having so many power outages at home... The servers may not respond properly all the time because of the router dying and rebooting.

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Everything is back to normal now, but there could be other maintenance outages in the following days.

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Haha wins against big centralized platforms having a big ass outage.

#WhatsApp is currently down. This is your regular reminder that centralized platforms are centralized: a single point of failure and control.

Help spread the word about open decentralized networks.

If you want to migrate your family or other social group away from proprietary apps but don't know how, that's what we're here for. You can self-host Snikket or sign up for our hosted platform. After setup, invite your contacts with a simple link and you're done.

Good luck!

is entering a phase of many massive changes. First up, KDE's full-featured video editor is now part of the ASWF's list of recommended tools, alongside software used at Disney, Warner Brothers, Netflix, Amazon Studios and more.

Stayed tuned for more exciting announcements in the coming months.

Something very fucked up just happened. I got a notification from Google saying "For an experience more appropriate to your age, we've changed some settings", and I was like "What the hell???". Apparently they recognized that I'm 18 because I had to take a picture of my ID card earlier today. This is outright creepy. I wanna degoogle my phone right now.

I'm currently testing a comments feature powered by Is so ( on my website. It doesn't work yet as of the time of publishing this toot, but I hope I can get it to work.

Plasma 5.20.2 is out. This release adds a week’s worth of new translations and fixes, including improving the consistency of the lid behaviour and fixing the bug in which some user profile fields wouldn’t apply unless they all had unique new values.

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