@framari bello come scrivono "without Windows" come se fosse una feature oggettiva.

And we're back online with a more simplified server structure: Sunfish rules it all with 11!

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Some changes are going around with the servers, so the site might unexpectedly break (e.g. expired SSL certificate, site unreachable).

It is now back online with 4GB of memory instead of 1 (still ECC).

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The second server is down for maintenance again (should be able to upgrade the memory now).

A big storm hit my neighborhood so the servers went down because the UPSs discharged after a while. Now everything should be back online.

@Linux4Everyone distro developers generally think of just preinstalling more garbage than actually testing their stuff with normal people who don't know about Linux.

Huh, this is a really clever idea, especially for new #Linux users or people constantly working with the command line!


@linux e se c'è qualcuno che usa una distro Linux senza GNU tipo Alpine?

The main server is functional, but the other one isn't, and more maintenance will happen tomorrow. We're kind of renovating the network.

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