A big storm hit my neighborhood so the servers went down because the UPSs discharged after a while. Now everything should be back online.

Huh, this is a really clever idea, especially for new #Linux users or people constantly working with the command line!


The main server is functional, but the other one isn't, and more maintenance will happen tomorrow. We're kind of renovating the network.

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Everyone has to know that I use the best distro on the planet!
P.S. I use arch btw

China and America both have a Great Firewall.

China's is run by the government.

America's is run by big tech.

It only had one issue: it didn't enable the NetworkManager service by default, so I had to enable it manually.

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Anche grazie agli innumerevoli casi mediatici emersi negli anni (Snowden, Cambridge Analytica, Pegasus...) la consapevolezza sulla privacy digitale e sul ruolo dei Big Tech è molto cresciuta.
Al #LinuxDay2021 possiamo approfondire e, magari, discutere delle alternative!

🐦🔗: twitter.com/linuxdayitalia/sta

Kdenlive is making its way into mainstream media production (TV shows and movies). Here is how it is going and how you can help:


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