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Since there are apparently a lot of new Mastodon users today, it's a good time to mention I've put together a list of resources for Mastodon newbies:

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UK folk, vote vote vote!! Please vote! If you're planning on not voting or voiding your vote please don't. Some of us living in the UK wish we could vote. Every vote counts, please don't take your rights for granted!

So, it turns out my is not delayed after all, and is shipping now!
BEGIN KEYBASE SALTPACK SIGNED MESSAGE. kXR7VktZdyH7rvq v5wcIkHbs1Ep28n 66ESFWgbKGsVK0X VTxwOYGbLGfSEdg SwVNfUxDsBXtMQK kA7LnizF7MXS2zt htQGbY4iYqIhNP5 oAUcOtxrR2MDtVp ItXfOY7TWHTmiWo PqdcrCC6R3oyjYJ ZwH3ehENfMVWbU1 dWv9lvW06CA0n6Y lUcZFqR3NnbcMUh cvdGhkI1BAu7sCm mZNTbQ7tnPObgIl 452Y9jFSjS3IBqG 9DTImkE4SX9vpJe q3spSXIcsOLpt1c bHbaefrz7VrwD4C HC5Q2IwozoC2rkY VoowMjIjUJpC3bt p1bh9dG6ArF4gTi BVronLagYC. END KEYBASE SALTPACK SIGNED MESSAGE.

Gully Foyle is my name & Terra is my nation

A long weekend filled with soldering and gardening

OpenWRT + DNScrypt + OpenNIC = moar privacy!

I am continually surprised by how many, apparently grown-ass adults are clearly unable to work a toilet properly.

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