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Long overdue, but I finally created an account on Patreon and started pledging to creators of useful stuff on the internet.

If you are using a large Mastodon instance, why not see if you admin has a Patreon profile to raise money for operating the instance?

My admin has:

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If you like and are able to, please consider chipping in a few bucks to support Heroku costs:

buying a 20EUR VPS and hosting my shit for myself in a WMPU instance. I have over 40 blogs in the family so it makes sense for me.

the two things I think would be good additions to Mastodon feature set:
- bulk follow another instance's local timeline, e.g. I'm on but interested in a press related timeline
- quoted boost, like quote in Twitter
- block, just because
three things i think would......

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My Mastodon app "11t" is out of beta!

For Android, you can find the app here:

For iOS, the app is in review and will be released after Apple has reviewed it.

#11t #mastodev #outofbeta #havefun

by the way, it's CSS Naked Day, does anyone remember? ;)

what is your mastodon mobile app of choice?

@dude75 wow megnyitottΓ‘k megint a .social-t? :)

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The Mastodon Multiverse

Some 165 Mastodon instances

Some 120.OOO Mastodon accounts

#08#April #2017

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do we do introductions here? i'm gergo, used to be a linux guy, now just a geek. and very interested in how to start my own instance. and whether it makes sense. so: hi!

questions so far: does it matter which instance i'm on?
if it does (guess it does, for 'local timeline'), how do i migrate to another instance?