@ehashman @bamfic Thank you for answering. I enjoy your food content. Keep it coming. :)

@bamfic @ehashman Well, if a picture of food offends someone, that is such a specific case that I believe the user should be able to filter out food and activate the images manually. CWs should be kept for content worth being warned about imo.

@aral These bottles are mesmerizing to look at... Enjoy! And I would love to read your thoughts about the Jinhao pen! :)

@Otuk Sure. Nothing but cat content and pointless rants. The heart of the internet never changes. 😉 Welcome back.

@lastfuture I feel you. There is a profound difference between people who have a passion for IT / CS and those who studied the field because they read in a paper IT jobs are low risk / high salary.

On the other hand our field is pretty arrogance driven. Those who know better let their colleagues know. Constantly. Many are afraid to ask for this reason. Humbly offering help and explanations is what I made the best experience with. At the end of the day we all google our error msgs.

Used some spare time today to further increase the usability of . Also tangled some pixels and created a banner / logo for it and added a demo gif to the repo's readme.


@scottjenson Currently in the midst of migrating from macOS to linux and I agree wholeheartedly. I've probably burned more money than a new Mac (monitor stand included) would have cost me, if I counted the hours I poured into it.

My Git-submodule-updating-script now allows you to select a specific submodule instead of using all per default. We are using it in production for a couple of months now and it saves us a few minutes every single day.


I just _had_ to test it before the visitors arrive. The pulled pork is hidden inside so well, this looks vegan, almost. 😅

@mdales I love the color play between pick guard and corpus! Is the front poti / switch the pick selector?

@uliwitness Instead of switching your text editor / IDE for this very specific feature, may I suggest you consider using a filesystem monitor? On macOS you can use fswatch which is available on brew.

It allows you to execute a script every time your filesystem is cahnged. You can even choose the parameters. That way you can use the editor of your choice and can decide when to enable this feature.

The functionality you are looking for could also be implemented in 1-3 lines in Vim / Emacs.

@andrioid Do you have a switch preference? I like "DAS Keyboard". I have had mine since 2011 and am super happy with it, still. It's unilluminated, though. And I have not tried the 4.0 variant which comes in an aluminum casing.

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