@aral These bottles are mesmerizing to look at... Enjoy! And I would love to read your thoughts about the Jinhao pen! :)

Used some spare time today to further increase the usability of . Also tangled some pixels and created a banner / logo for it and added a demo gif to the repo's readme.


I just _had_ to test it before the visitors arrive. The pulled pork is hidden inside so well, this looks vegan, almost. 😅

So, there's a way to import any Magic Deck into the Tabletop Simulator. :blobaww: 4 Player MTG here we go! Finally!

End of day #1 of GUI development for in Python. I'm still torn if I really want to go down this rabbit hole...

I also properly configured "Hypermode" for capslock, today.

Pressing it without any other keys yields Esc.

Pressing it with another key results in all 4 modifiers being pressed at the same time (⇧+⌃+⌥+⌘), which is referred to as the "Hyper" hotkey.

Instantly switching between apps never was that quick & comfortable. It uses the left hand exclusively.

Since Christmas time is around the corner and I wanted to spend time on something arbitrary, I installed for the first time since release. So, so, so many memories... It feels already...

The Binding of card arrived today! Pretty excited to give it a try on our next game night...

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