I've been working with for more than a month now and I'm pretty happy with it.

I have three major problems though:

1. How do you configure your tab key to behave sanely (with evil- / org-mode)?

2. I love UltiSnips as a snippet-tool in Vim. I have not yet found a decent replacement for it.

3. I'm a terminal guy and love how well Vim interacts within it. Since emacs doesn't behave too well inside a terminal, is there a way to run my whole zsh / tmux within it? 🤓(The emacs shell ignored my .zshrc)

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@geekygent 1. Sorry, don't know what you are thinking of. I personally gave up wanting tabs in Emacs. I'm using ibuffer.
2. yasnippet was mentioned. If you're into Org, yankpad is nice on-top.
3. My personal advice: run Emacs in X with all the benefits of displaying images and PDFs. Run tmux in a decent terminal emulation with zsh. Nobody could explain me any advantage running my shell environments within Emacs. tmux is much more advanced as well.

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