iOS devices have been around for more than a decade now and I still cannot understand how people are able use them as their main productivity devices. Text selection is nothing but pain, typing sucks once your device is older than 3 years and the keyboard starts lagging und becomes unresponsive.

Calendar sync is broken since the MobileMe days when they forced pro users to manage multiple AppleIDs. It‘s only a question of time until my iPhone is thrown against a wall...

@geekygent i have iPhones for PRO and Samsung S6 Edge for MINE,
The iPhone is much better for text selection/typing/calendars - contacts sync (nextcloud)
On my Samsung with Lineage OS or not it’s such a pain to write.
The more caveat is in fact the edge screen, my fingers always touch them and so do something i don’t want. Maybe the NonEdge version is better.
It was a gift this phone so i cannot refuse it saying : Oh no sorry it’s a edge i cannot accept it

@geekygent Text selection is fantastic if you have 3d-touch, turning the display into a trackpad for quick arbitrary text selection. Calendar sync works flawlessly for me. Other than that I do agree, I wouldn't use iOS on a device for productivity, but then again I wouldn't use any smartphone for productive work

@geekygent I went with iPhone for a year in 2016 after being totally frustrated with the broken state of backups in Android.

Plus: iPhone backups work 100% without a cloud. EVERYTHING is backed up.

Minus: pretty much everything else you can think of, horrible text selection amongst the worst of them.

I went back to Android for 2017. Backup still sucks, but even without root, it feels a lot less like a straitjacket.

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