I got used to combine "top" with "grep" to take a glimpse at cpu loads and stuck applications within my terminal. Yesterday a good friend of mine introduced me to "htop" which not only renders load graphs, but also lets you use hotkeys to sort your processes and also allows tree groupings. For most of my usecases it's way more convenient than using "grep". Take a look:

@djsundog @hisham_hm I immediately added it to my autoinstall script for future installations! 😊

@geekygent I ❤️ htop.

Also, what is your lower bar? What window manager are you on?

@djsumdog That bar is tmux. :) Any other recommendations for CLI tools?

@geekygent I use i3 as my window manager and i3status/conky for the bottom and top bars. I've been using fish shell for the past few years, which is worth trying out if you haven't.

@djsumdog Fish shell is probably the only one missing... I will add it to my collection asap! 😂

@djsumdog It's so interesting to take peeks at other nerds' command line setups!

You can even configure it to count your cores starting from 0 instead of 1

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