For those of you who oftentimes find themselves wasting time in man pages when just searching for one of the most common use cases: tldr is a collection of somplified, community-driven man pages. Saves me a few seconds every day.

@KeyboardInterrupt Nice! The tldr repository is more actively maintained, though. Last commit was an hour ago, while the python project has not seen an update in roughly two months.

Yeah, thats right, But I prefer to use the Python Version, this way I wont have to deal with another Package Manager, and Language (nothing wrong with it, I am just a python Guy!) Thanks anyway for reminding me of `tldr` 👍

@mikebabb tldr completely nails it for 3/4th of my usecases. When falling back to man pages, searching by using the '/'-hotkey — similar to Vim — is a godsend.

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