After five failed attempts and setting the project aside for a few days, I succeeded in making a folding 3D printed rhombic dodecahedron. It takes significant pressure to snap together (video speeded up), so the design needs more work, but it's nice to see that it's possible.

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Nailed it! This video shows the latest version folding easily in real time. You can hear my Prusa Mini+ in the background printing the next one! The print files are at here:

@axwax PETG. I think it would work with PLA, but I've been experimenting with folding 3D prints and found that PETG holds up well to repeated bending, while PLA will break after a short while.

@geekmomprojects That makes sense - I was wondering how PLA would cope with those fragile looking folds. I'm still amazed what's possible though!

@geekmomprojects very cool! Though couldn't it be just printed as is? 🤔

@Wraptile Of course. This method allows you to easily enclose objects inside the polyhedron (e.g. LEDs) and you could have a different color exterior/interior with a single filament swap.

@geekmomprojects This is so cool!

Also as a friend of (modular) origami this hits home for me. :)

@geekmomprojects The result (including the soundscape) is very satisfying. :)

@floppy @geekmomprojects Ha, hadn't seen your reply there - great minds, eh?

@geekmomprojects That's some very satisfying clicks - thanks for sharing!

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