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Rearranged the "display" corner of my office to include an old 24x30 pixelated matrix build, recently upgraded with a controller. I plan to remain in this exact spot for a *very* long time (or until the power goes out).

Printed a small folding dodecahedron from TPU to see how it would turn out, then wasn't sure what to do with it, so...

Come join us in the chat for a chill evening, talking about hardware n stuff!

Happening at 11pm CET / 5pm EST!
Set yourself a reminder in the YT link below.


In a bit under 24 hours, and I will be talking about nerdy electronics stuff, on the very first stream of the series!

Set a reminder, and come join us... I'm really looking forward to it, and I hope you are too!


Organizing my hoard of M2 screws this morning. Not sure I'm up to taking on the M3 collection!
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Incredibly proud of my son, Zach, who just won the High School division of the North American School Scrabble Championship!🏆 Best play: ROBINIA, forming four words in one go. Zach gets his calm under pressure from hubby @DrBenAnsell (birdsite), who also plays and is thrilled beyond words.

I thought it might be too small to hold the string lights, but the 3D printed stellated icosahedron worked out well. Like the previous builds, this shape is printed with all 20 faces flat on the print bed, then folded along (0.4mm thick) edges and secured with zip ties. I used thin enameled wire to pull and hold the two halves together along the final fold.

Help us decide on a product name! It's a Evil Genius Labs Fibonacci64 Micro HDR with ElectroMage #Pixelblaze Pico & @geekmomprojects magnetic wearable battery connector. Here's our top picks, vote for your fave. Reply with others, if we pick yours we'll send you one! Pics & video 👇

Help us pick a name for this in the poll above. ☝️ The beautiful organic spirals of Evil Genius Labs Fibonacci64 Micro w 64 HDR LEDs; the amazingly easy, powerful, yet low-power ElectroMage #Pixelblaze Pico; and the awesome magnetic wearable battery connector from @geekmomprojects!

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The Show and Tell schedule is now online!

17th May -
24th May -
31st May -
8th Jun -
14th Jun -

I'm looking forward to this a lot, and I hope to see lots of you there! 🥳

Printed a stellated dodecahedron with the folding 3D print technique I got from Chris Miller. Each face prints flat and edges fold to the dihedral angle to form the polyhedron. Sides (and obligatory addressable LED string) are held in place with small zip ties.
It's printed in clear PETG at 0.2 mm layer height. Wall thickness 1.5mm. Joined edges are 0.4mm thick. I printed it first with PLA, but flexing the edges more than a dozen or so times while inserting the LEDs broke them. PETG is sturdier.

It was a challenge to connect the power cable but my new summer footwear (purchased from Amazon) is charging nicely!

Finally revisiting this project. Waiting on some new capacitive touch sensors to try, so I thought I'd write a new pattern to take advantage of the rings.
I mapped all the "connections" between rings, randomly switch to a new ring & change direction.

Feeling lucky this afternoon because I got to hang out with @ItsMrJP (birdsite handle) AND he personally delivered a stunning 3D printed fiber-optic balloon he made. (We swapped projects, & I got the best end of the deal!) He even bent & painted the pipe for the stand. It's crazy good!!!🎈🔦😍

Hey Southern California Makers, Maker Faire Orange County is coming this September 10!!! 🚨🚨🚨 They're looking for exhibits and sponsors now. I'm already thinking about what I might wear... (👗💡🤔)

My diverting afternoon build was laser-cutting and assembling a cover from opaque metallic and translucent black acrylic sheet for @bradanlane's super fun LumosRing LED board.

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