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G-Droid doesn't seem to work with Android 4. There is a pretty bad 'performance optimization' that google baked into the utf8 converter of that version of android.

I've tried 3 different fixes in the last releases but none has worked. Unfortunately I don't have a device with Android 4 and in the emulator it works fine. I'll keep trying developing a fix for that. Sorry for all the Android 4 people out there. 😪

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Gleich um 10:00 Uhr in Raum W2 gibt es meinen Workshop und Install-Party zu: #Fdroid, #Gdroid und #FreieSoftware auf #Android.

Gerät anbringen - Freiheit mitnehmen : )


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Komm vorbei am @fsfe Stand bei den #Chemnitzer #LinuxTage, versorge dich mit unserem neuesten Infomaterial und Aufklebern und sprich mit mit uns über #FreieSoftware. Unser nettes Team freut sich schon auf spannende Fragen und Gespräche!

Und wer Bock auf @fdroidorg und @gdroid hat oder Lust darauf beide kennenzulernen, kommt morgen früh in meinem workshop vorbei:

#CLT2019 #fdroid #gdroid #FreeYourAndroid

The latest version of G-Droid has error reporting when the app crashes. I already fixed 2 errors, that users had sent in. Please continue sending them through!

The error reporting happens explicitly via email, so you can review the data before sending it. So nothing is being send, without the user confirming it twice. The feature can be deactivated in the settings if desired.

The reporting mechanism has mostly been copied from the F-Droid client source code ✋😃

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#Fedilab is really great! But the most important point is, that the developer @tom79 is very very active and listens to the users. And additionally it's #OpenSource 😎

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Why doesnt @gdroid replace @fdroidorg as the official f-droid client? It is clearly more advanced and user-friendly, though it lacks some features #fdroid #opensource #freesoftware #gdroid

How do you allow comments and ratings for apps, but prevent spam and fake ratings at the same time?

This question has long prevented a rating comment system to be added to .

Now that comments and ratings are in G-Droid the question comes naturally up. I've put my opinion there. Would you like to join this interesting discussion?

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Fuck you G%§$e!
Fuck your antiservices!
Fuck your malware!
Fuck your spyware!
Fuck you to all websites and apps that use G%§$e and a special fuck you to all the websites that use re-captcha. #livingwogoogle

G-Droid can now show comments on apps! 😎

Have you also waited to add a review, comment, rating or note to an app in ? Wait no longer! G-Droid has now the ability to show toots as comments. Each app has a special hashtag. Just click on 'Write comment' and add your comment. Let others know what you think about an app. Try it now! ✌️

Privacy and security is equal to Mastodon. 👁️

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is an for the appstore. In the new version 0.8.0 I like the new feature "app review" which is a toot to the fediverse using special app specific tags. All toots with the app specific tag will be shown on the app description page in gdroid.

It would be great if creating an app comment would include an additional tag (I.e ) so that I can search for reviews without a specific app


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Exciting times! Yesterday there was a stunning 24 new apps added to ! Together with 33 updated existing apps.

got a new icon (changed by ).

@matrix's got a visual overhaul including a new icon!

Sneak preview. goes social. See mastodon toots for each app in G-Droid. Will be released soon. Finally we will have the ability to see reviews/comments for F-Droid apps. 🤩

G-Droid shows now Top Authors.

A Top Author is someone who has more than one Top App. A Top App is an app in the top 20% of all apps by star ratings. Star ratings are different on each device as they change with the settings of the user.

When you spot a Top Author make sure you check more of his/her apps as they might be useful and of good quality. Send Top Authors an email and thank them for their engagement. 💪😃

Are you also affected by the app currently not working on ? While waiting for a fix it is worth trying an alternative. has an extra tag for YouTube player apps.

I noticed another app is working quite well and could even be a permanent alternative for me. Check it out. 🤩

A nice talk about , some awesome apps and a bit of advertising for in the end. Entirely from the perspective of a user, not a developer. Thanks to the speaker @3rik - F-Droid:Pimp your Android(-fork) with the best Free Software apps

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Just used F-Droid to install G-Droid. And that's basically everything you need to know about the concept of #freesoftware. #opensource #freeyourandroid #fsfe

G-Droid 0.7.0 is now available on . This version shows apps similar to your installed apps and apps you might also like. Give it a try! This is a new experience to browse apps of the F-Droid repository.

Another good thing: it does all these things without stealing your data to analyze it or do any kind of tracking. 😍

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True FOSSers really should move away from GitHub and the M$ trap it has become. It's just so unfortunate that it's so hugely woven in to the fabric of the open source world. If only more would see how amazing GitLab, Gitea & co. are.
As soon as there is a viable federated source code protocol (like ForgeFed), there really shouldn't be any excuse any more.

I've been moving (and still am) my projects over to, where my code is truly free and at home 😇

G-Droid 0.7.0 has been released. Will be picked up by F-Droid soon. In this version you have to scroll down to update the data, like in the F-Droid app.

The small 'update button' that was in the bottom is now a 'sort-button'. You can sort some views now differently. See attached screenshot.

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