When you leave a comment for an app in G-Droid consider using the thumbs up πŸ‘ or thumbs down πŸ‘Ž somewhere in your comment. So you indicate if you'd generally upvote or downvote the app.

Very soon G-Droid will count these thumbs and generate a new metric for the star ratings. So every user can influence the rating with mastodon comments.

As usual: every user is free to ignore the new metric by setting its importance to 0 in the G-Droid settings.

Are there any plans for a dark theme for Gdroid?


Yes it has been requested a while ago.

I didn't put a lot of priority on it. But I think I have to implement it soon, since it is getting requested a LOT 😊

@gdroid I"m going to download and give a try. I didn't know what it was! I saw it on my f-droid app and was very confused about its purpose.

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