The latest version of G-Droid (v0.10.0) shows all available versions of an app in the repository. It also shows the CHANGELOG of the latest version so you know what's new.

If you discover the latest version of an app not to be working, please consider to leave a comment in G-Droid. That way others know to install an earlier version.

Let me know if it is useful (or not). πŸ––πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

I'll have to check it out. Being on the cutting edge can be fun sometimes. πŸ˜‰

Running Android 8.0 on a Samsung Galaxy S7.

What I've found is that G-Droid will show updates, install them, and then go back to where it asks to install the app again. I ran F-Droid and *it* showed that the updates had been installed, while G-Droid thought the updates hadn't been made.
Thought you might be interested.

Yes true. When you enable the root permissions in the settings, it installs smoothly in the background and changes the button. Without root permissions, it starts a new Activity and the result is not coming in correctly yet. It is on my list of things to fix. Thanks. 🀩

Only workaround now is to 'go back' and view the app again. Then it will look right. 😎

Okay, thanks. I'll do the root "workaround" then. Have a good one.

Very nice and definitely useful (from my point of view). Beside this I personally would prefer a different color for the version info. Light green is just awful to read. But that's just my feeling.
πŸ‘ Great work, keep going.
One wish for a future update: we can I find the download apk?

Yeah you are right. I'll probably make it a darker kind of green.

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