The latest version of G-Droid has error reporting when the app crashes. I already fixed 2 errors, that users had sent in. Please continue sending them through!

The error reporting happens explicitly via email, so you can review the data before sending it. So nothing is being send, without the user confirming it twice. The feature can be deactivated in the settings if desired.

The reporting mechanism has mostly been copied from the F-Droid client source code ✋😃


Loading app icons takes very long... - and a dark mode would be really nice!

Yes true. A dark mode is on the list of things to do. And the slow loading images are because of the F-Droid infrastructure. The F-Droid server is sporadically overloaded. That affects the F-Droid client and the G-Droid client. I'm working on a solution implementing repository mirrors. 👩‍💻

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