G-Droid can now show comments on apps! 😎

Have you also waited to add a review, comment, rating or note to an app in ? Wait no longer! G-Droid has now the ability to show toots as comments. Each app has a special hashtag. Just click on 'Write comment' and add your comment. Let others know what you think about an app. Try it now! ✌️

Privacy and security is equal to Mastodon. 👁️

@gdroid Love seeing the progress on G-Droid and the Mastodon integration is awesome – congratulations!

One important note though: Mastodon is entirely public; there’s nothing private about it. It’s important that we don’t conflate protocols that encourage better social communication methods (and discourage abusive behaviour) with those that mathematically protect privacy. Mastodon is awesome, it’s just not private ;)


Thanks for the flowers.

I would partly disagree with that. One aspect of privacy is the 'right to be forgotten'. While you might decide to share a status today, you might also decide to delete it tomorrow. You should be in control of your data.

Mastodon implements that better than Birdpage, Goggle or Foobook. Especially since you can run your own instance you can certainly control the deletion.

100% public and still respecting your privacy.

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