G-Droid 0.7.0 is now available on . This version shows apps similar to your installed apps and apps you might also like. Give it a try! This is a new experience to browse apps of the F-Droid repository.

Another good thing: it does all these things without stealing your data to analyze it or do any kind of tracking. 😍

Does it support autonomous update when having the proper rights?
@linux @hyde_stevenson



@linux @hyde_stevenson

G-Droid can do unattended installation (and uninstalls in version 0.7.1) on rooted phones. It will ask you. There is also a setting to allow root to be used

In the my-apps tab there is also a button to 'update all' which work well with root permissions. Without root each update installation requires 2 more clicks

But no, there is no service yet to check for updates automatically and then install them automatically

I would like to be able to install it from the bootloader - so it has root privileges without having the full device rooted. Can I do this already?
@linux @hyde_stevenson

@nifker I haven't done it but I don't think so ... But @gdroid will confirm it maybe ?

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